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74 thoughts on “Create account”

  1. Hi guys How to register n login after you put your PASSWRD JUST USE ENTER ”button” for captcha AND ENTER again for regist now

    1. Pidgin is very easy to configure. As we do not have any documentation online I would like to refer you to the Google search. There you can find tons of documentation for Pidgin and Jabber use.

    1. Just enter your JID and password. The local part (user) in front of the @ goes into use and the domain part goes into the server field. No more magic. 😉

  2. I can creat accounts but when I try to add them in pidgin otr on TAILS it does not connect, can somebody help me please?

    1. Not good – but please use a desktop browser for that. You need the “Create account” page one once, so it should be ok to use a desktop for that? 😉

  3. Dear,

    In the latest Firefox (31.0 ) on Linux, the Create account button is invisible, works fine in Chromium 🙂

    1. Thank you for this information. Unfortunally the forms are all embedded in an iframe. So the iframe is too small for you browser – maybe it renders different than the Windows Firefox, where I tested it. The iframe is bigger now, for all forms on our website. Does it fit now?

    1. What does not work? Like the other two people posting they have problems you need to be more specific.

      The form works, I create test accounts all the time. Maybe you are trying to create accounts with non latin characters? Or strange passwords?

    1. To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe a special character which was not checked? If an account already exists you get a different message. What did you try to register?

  4. What does “Not Acceptable” mean?
    A little more information would be helpful, like why the account creation was not acceptable.

  5. I can’t even register. It fails the captcha check everytime. I know I am seeing it correctly. Maybe your anti-spam bot works alittle too well.

              1. I have the same problems, I cannot get past the CAPTCHA, I’m always told that the captcha I entered was incorrect. :-(rnUser name: honeyman