Transport pre-registration

This web based tool will help you to create a pre-registration to use transport services on our Jabber server. After pre-registration you will be able to register your JID on our transport services for 31 days. Then you need to pre-register your JID again.

Please note: For using our transport services after registration you do not need to pre-register again. This is only needed if you want to register for another transport service or change something on an existing one (which includes unregistering the transport service as well).

  • Your JID in the form of username@jabberserver, for example johndoe@jabber.hot-chilli.net.
  • As the JID is case-insensitive, username@jabberserver is the same as UserName@JabberServer.
  • A JID must not contain any of these characters: " ' & / : < > or space

3. Pre-register

If you have filled your JID and the captcha correctly click on the button to proceed to create the pre-registration record for our transport services.