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jabber.hot-chilli.net is a free Jabber/XMPP service for everybody.

There is no commercial background for this project. We just want to support the XMPP protocol with all its benefits and possibilities by running this server.

What exactly is Jabber/XMPP?

XMPP is the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, a set of open technologies for instant messaging, presence, multi-party chat, voice and video calls, collaboration, lightweight middleware, content syndication, and generalized routing of XML data. XMPP was originally developed in the Jabber open-source community to provide an open, secure, spam-free, decentralized alternative to the closed instant messaging services at that time. XMPP offers several key advantages over such services: open, standard, proven, decentralized, secure, extensible, flexible, diverse.
(taken from xmpp.org)

The purpose of this website is to introduce you into the functions of our server and also to indicate new features and to alert you about problems and maintainance tasks.

If you have questions you can always contact us via Jabber or email. As already mentioned this project, not as our other services, has no commercial background and we run the server in our free time it always can accur that we may be online in the support channel but are not really physically there or will not response to emails immediately. Please excuse us for this.

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  1. valeriy says:

    Bitte helfen Sie mir entfernen ICQ-Transport auf dem Server icq.jabber.hot-chilli.net
    Meine Nummer 637-463-238 icq

    Please help me remove icq transport on the server icq.jabber.hot-chilli.net
    My number icq 637-463-238

  2. Roi says:

    Um den Account zu entfernen anstatt “register” einfach “unregister” ausführen. So werden alle Daten gelöscht.

    To remove your account simply use “unregister” instead of “register”. All account specific data will be deleted.

  3. Тимур says:

    Hello! Add please get in transport icq.jabber.hot-chilli.net encoding for qip.

  4. Тимур says:

    russian encoding

  5. Roi says:

    Alter the default setting CP1252 in registration dialog to Windows-1251 or CP1251 for use with russian language. This should work, I have this setting from the Spectrum channel.

  6. Gregg Simone says:

    Rss is so confusing!

  7. Sketza says:

    How do you manage your twitter account if it has thousands of followers?

  8. Roi says:

    What do you mean? Twitter Transport just handles the people you follow and posts their tweets like IMs. ;-)

  9. Cramirez says:

    Hi, facebook, XMPP and Yahoo transports ar down?

  10. AntonK says:

    I’m not able to connect to the Jabber service from Miranda using 443 port:

    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] Connection request to server.jabber.hot-chilli.net:443 (Flags 0)….
    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] (01D500F0) Connecting to server server.jabber.hot-chilli.net:443….
    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] (1028) Connected to server.jabber.hot-chilli.net:443
    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] Thread type=0 server=’server.jabber.hot-chilli.net’ port=’443′
    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] Local IP =
    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] Stream is initializing after connect
    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] (01D500F0:1028) Data sent

    [11:51:40 JABBER_1] Entering main recv loop
    [11:51:43 JABBER_1] Connection closed gracefully
    [11:51:43 JABBER_1] recvResult = 0
    [11:51:43 JABBER_1] Thread ended: type=0 server=’server.jabber.hot-chilli.net’
    [11:51:43 JABBER_1] (01D500F0:1028) Connection closed internal
    [11:51:43 JABBER_1] (01D500F0:4294967295) Connection closed
    [11:51:43 JABBER_1] Exiting ServerThread

    • Roi says:

      @ AntonK: I also had several and severe problems with Miranda and therefore switched to Pidgin months ago. I also was not able to connect due to timeouts. Disable SSL and I am sure you can connect again. It seems that SSL slows down everything for Miranda and therefore creates timeouts.

  11. Ryan says:

    Hey all,

    I’m using the ICQ transport and seeing something weird.

    Every message that comes in has before the actual message. Anybody else experience this?

  12. Pablo says:

    I can connect, but it shows I have no contacts online, while in fact there are. What configuration do you recommend in Apple iChat? I’m using Port 5223 using SSL, or 5222 without SSL… none of them bring contacts. They used to work fine last year… thanks!

    • Roi says:

      Did you try a different client program like Adium? Maybe there was something wrong with the server. But it works fine for days now.

  13. Kate says:

    Is jabber.hot-chilli.net is free Jabber/XMPP for everybody?

    • Roi says:

      Yes, this server is a free service for everybody. Just the Jabber domain hosting, where you can host your own domain for Jabber usage is not free of charge.

  14. Cramirez says:

    Is Twitter Transport working well? (17.08 04-04-12) Thanks.

    • Roi says:

      Cramirez, all transports, especially Twitter, are flapping a lot on the last weeks. It seems that there were some changes, but nobody is aware of what might have changed. I hope we do not have to wait until Spectrum 2 to get things better. ;-)

  15. Has anyone succeeded in adding msn contacts to the Google Talk chatlist?

  16. I’m having trouble setting up Jabber on Pidgin. Any suggestions?

    • Roi says:

      Should work fine with Pidgin. Many users of our server are using Pidgin for Windows, Linux and Apple. Please refer to the many howtos on the internet as we do not have our own howto on the page, yet.

  17. Евгений says:

    Sorry for my English.
    Your site recommend to use by repair bug with character “%” in username. This bug have GTalk client on Android platform.
    link about this:

    I as many any people use mail.ru agent (mrim). And have this problem. But your gate do not have transport for mrim.
    If you make this transport is will very nice.

    • Roi says:

      Instead of % you can also use \40. Spectrum works with \40 as the “real” character replacement for @ for over a year now. It is backward compatible to the % character. So if you have any problems with % remove the % contact and add it again to your roster with \40.

      When I last checked there was not Debian package for a mrim transport available. Also Spectrum did not feature this native messaging service. If you or anybody else is aware of a Debian package, please let us know.

  18. I have encountered a problem while using this XMPP. I am able to connect but the problem is i am not able to chat and not able to call any of the contacts. Kindly help.

  19. How can you say that -”Is jabber.hot-chilli.net is free Jabber/XMPP for everybody”.And I think if you are charging money for domain then, you have to give free trial for at least 5 to 10 days because people need to check your service and also check is that useful for there site, because different site have different kind of requirement. Few days ago I purchase a domain but they are not give service properly, they did’t reply of our mails.

    • Roi says:

      Hello Joseph, the server is free for everybody. For everybody who is using our public domains and even for everybody else who is not our Jabber user but wants to use our transport services. So to be honest I cannot understand your words. Creating dedicated virtual hosts for people and do service for these people costs time and money, so it is fair to charge for it. And, for you from France and not from somewhere outside of Europe where the daily income might be a lot less, 12 EUR per year should be just a joke… You can test our server and all the services exept the admin stuff by creating an account with one of our public domains. Creating a test environment for everybody who might be interested just does not pay out. Cheers, Roi

  20. Andy Rogers says:

    Is anyone having problems with the j2j.jabber.hot-chilli.net protocol?

    Iam getting a service unavailble message since yesterday.



  21. adam says:


    Having a problem with ICQ transport. It is unavailable since Saturday

  22. Agorath says:


    it seems like the whole jabber is offline since saturday. At least according to the Server status widget on the right side of this page.

    • Roi says:

      The Jabber Server (Prosody) is running and shown green in the widget. But all transports are still down, please stay tuned.

      • Agorath says:

        Ah ok sorry my bad, I seem to have overlooked the blog post concerning the server migration ;)
        Thanks for your quick reply!

  23. ZX says:

    As i see, spectrum2 ICQ Transport online, but when i try connect he is not online, and in option write:
    You must be online to change transport settings.
    Old spectrum 1 ICQ settings wipe, and i need to register anew?

    • Roi says:

      Hm there seems to be a problem with ICQ transport. As not reaching the maintainer of Spectrum at the moment, I cannot do much. This is also the reason why the Spectrum transports still run on Spectrum 1, not Spectrum 2 as planned. Please stay tuned…

  24. Andy Rogers says:

    Hello, has anyone been having any issues with receiving messages when not using an actual transport stream?

    I have been mesaging people with @hot-chilli.net address and some of the messages are not coming through to me, or to other users wh I send them through to.

    This seems to have been happening for over a week now.



  25. Didou121 says:

    Hi website no more exist ?

    –> Error 403 : forbidden access

    can you tell me if webclient can still be used ?


    • Roi says:

      Thank you for the hint. The Webclient will be up and running asap and we will still provide web access. We just did not modify the configuration to meet the new server settings. Please stay tuned.

    • Didou121 says:

      Webclient is up now .

      just missing yahoo transport !

      thanks .

      • Roi says:

        Hm, Yahoo was down again, but the task itself was still running and reporting data. Great… Just restarted it. Can’t wait for Spectrum2!

  26. Rafal says:

    Hi Guys! What about yahoo transport? I still get ‘service unavailable’ :(

  27. adam says:


    I have a problem with ICQ transport. It works (actually it does not work) starage way. I can see some of contacts online, messages are not delivered to them. I can not register, unregister, log in or log off from the transport.

  28. Straycat says:

    Please bring back the web-client ….

  29. Ilai says:


    looks like ICQ transport broke down at 20:18…

    thx for your help!

    • Roi says:

      ICQ should run a lot more stable now, it was brought to Spectrum 2 yesterday in the afternoon. Please report if you still have any problems.

      • mickley says:

        Why missing commands option for ICQ and XMPP2 Transports? How i can enable/disable transport and make other settings for this protocols?

        • Roi says:

          These transports are migrated to Spectrum 2 already. Spectrum 2 is missing ad-hoc commands at the moment. The maintainer, HanzZ, is working very hard to restore this functionality to Spectrum 2 asap.

  30. Andy Rogers says:

    Is anyone having problems with the MSN service?

    Im not able to connect via Pidgin like I normally can do, it is saying “Not Authorised”.

  31. patrick says:

    i lost my password can you hlp me

  32. Xavier says:

    Hi Guys. Yahoo transport still unavailable.

  33. JVMontaña says:

    Yahoo and MSN transports are not working.

  34. Fei2 says:

    I cannot send message to my msn contacts, please help.

    • Roi says:

      You still have the problem? If yes, contact me via PM or in our support channel or via email and name your JID. Without it, we cannot check anything in the logs.

      MSN works fine for me, though. I checked when I saw your message here 2 days ago.

  35. ZX says:

    how i can temporarily disable the xmpp2 transport? (without ad-hoc)

  36. t0ltec says:

    Is it just me, or is the msn transport down?

    All I get is “***msn.jabber.hot-chilli.net is Offline”, and it’s been like that since friday when I pre-registered to try this msn-in-gtalk-thingy I’ve been reading so much about :)

    From what I gather hot-chilli.net is the server to use, I’ve tried some other servers but Gtalk on Android just crashes due to the % in the user names.

    Does anybody know of another server that works with Gtalk on Android in the case that the msn transport on hot-chilli.net is down permanently?

    • Roi says:

      Does MSN work again for you?

      • t0ltec says:

        Seems to be working now, but it’s a little weird… at first only one of my contacts was added. Then i took a few days for another one to appear, and then some days later the rest all were there. But if I went online with another msn client during this time they were all online.

        What ever, everything seems to be working now, so I’m happy! :)

  37. didou121 says:

    Can you please remove my account ( not working on web page ) .

    thanks .

    • didou121 says:

      i fin naly succeed in removing and creating account.
      So finalyy success in yahoo registering .
      By yahoo gateway seem to be down again . ( connecting status after registering again then ” not avaliable” .

      can you reset yahoo gateway ?


  38. jayesh says:

    i am creating a facebook chat application in android but i am facing one problem and
    getting error “digest md5 sasl authentication”
    and login fail using sasl authentication failed.
    i tried facebook user name ,g mail user name but can’t resolving it..
    so please help me for this…..
    how to authenticate first time in facebook chat app for android.
    thanks in advance.

    • Roi says:

      Before you can use XMPP chat with Facebook you need(ed) to activate/allow this inside Facebook first. As I did this almost years ago I do not recall anymore what I had to do – and also if this is still necessary. Does anybody know and can help?

  39. jayesh says:

    i having trouble for login in facebook with smake library..
    error like digest md5 SASL auth. and

    can not login with “username@chat.facebook.com” .

    so please help me and if can than tell me the code for connecting with facebook
    and list of friends who are online.


  40. ZX says:

    on spectrum2 xmpp transport incoming mesage contain send time by it coms.
    on spectrum1 send time have real time when user it send.
    it is possible to make for spectrum2 incoming messages real send time?

    • Roi says:

      Thank you for your message. I forwarded your request to the maintainer of Spectrum 2. If it makes sense, he will surly think about it – as Spectrum 2 is still under development.

  41. Wolfseye says:


    ich habe eine Frage bezüglich des Jabber Hostings. Wie genau läuft das ? Ihr vermietet ja keine Jabber Server nehme ich an. Nur Domains die dann auf euren Server leiten, für Jabber. Sehe ich das richtig ?
    Hätte das ja schon einige mal in eurem Chat gefragt, aber egal wann ich da rein kam, nie hat jemand reagiert.

    Wenn ihr den Support im Chat nicht anbietet, wäre es nicht besser einen Hinweis auf die Webseite zu stellen das man weiß das da keiner antwortet ? Versteht mich nicht falsch, ich finde euren Jabber Server etc. wirklich spitze, aber das mit dem Support ist doch eher schade.

    Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir bezüglich des Jabber Hostings noch paar Infos mehr geben.



    • Roi says:

      Hallo Gerd,

      sorry, dass der Support nicht ganz Deinen Vorstellungen entspricht. Unseren Vorstellungen entspricht der Support auch nicht – aber es ist leider nicht zu ändern. Den Jabberserver bieten wir als kostenloses Communityprojekt an und arbeiten beide “nebenher” voll. Klar sind wir immer im Support-Channel zu finden, aber um zu antworten muss auch jemand vor der Kiste sitzen. Gleiches gilt auch für Nachrichten, diese wollen schließlich beantwortet werden. Zum Job kommt oft eben noch anderes hinzu wie Urlaub oder Krankheit. Um Ausfälle kümmern wir uns immer und sofort, nur individuelle Probleme gehen leider zu oft unter. Sorry dafür.

      Trotzdem denke ich, dass unser Server sehr gut und auch stabil läuft – vor allem, wenn man betrachtet, dass wir neulich erst von ejabberd und Spectrum auf Prosody und Spectrum 2 umgestiegen sind. Die Umstellung ist aufgrund der leider nicht ganz fertigen neuen Produkte auch immer noch im Gange, einen großen Schritt nach vorne konnten wir trotzdem machen.

      Mit dem kostenpflichtigen Jabber Hosting, das wir ausschließlich zur Gegenfinanzierung der laufenden Kosten machen, läuft es so: Du konnektierst Deine eigene Domain jabbermäßig per DNS auf unseren Server, wir bieten Dir einen Jabber vHost mit Adminrechten an. Alternativ kannst Du auch bei uns über unsere Hostingwebseite ein Webhostingpaket buchen und kannst Jabber mit dazu nehmen, ob für eine neue Domain oder eine vorhandene Domain, die Du zu uns umziehst. Nach Belieben, z.B. geschuldet der Tatsache, ob Du DNS-Änderungen machen kannst beim bisherigen Anbieter oder sogar noch gar keine Domain hast.

      Fragen? Immer her damit.

      Viele Grüße,

      • @Du konnektierst Deine eigene Domain jabbermäßig per DNS auf unseren Server, wir bieten Dir einen Jabber vHost mit Adminrechten an…

        Gibt es vielleicht ein Anleitung oder ein Tutorial wie man das macht?

        Ich suche für meine Seite eine Möglichkeit das Fachleute sich einfach austauschen können. Und bin sehr interessiert an die Jabber – Instant Messaging Lösung.

        Ist es möglich eine Locale bzw. Testversion im geschützten Bereich laufen zu lassen?

        Grüße Ronny

        • Roi says:

          Hallo Ronny,

          wir bieten nach wie vor Jabber Hosting an. Eine Anleitung gibt es keine, da es eine einfache Weboberfläche zur Administration gibt, ansonsten etwas mehr Möglichkeiten über Ad Hoc Befehle, die aber je Jabber Client anders angesteuert werden.

          Eine Testversion oder -domain haben wir keine eingerichtet.

          Viele Grüße

  42. Wolfseye says:

    Danke für die Antwort. Sorry. war nicht bös gemeint. Ich kann mir vorstellen das real life und das hier nicht oft leicht unterzubringen ist, da hat man manchmal nicht die Zeit. War wahrscheinlich gerade immer ungünstig das ich mich gerade dann online gemeldet hatte öas ihr busy wart.

    Zu dem Hosting, da habe ich schon selbst was bezüglich Webspace. Habe versucht auf meinem Windows Rootserver einen OpenFire Server zum Laufen zu bringen, geht auch mehr oder weniger. Aber scheint alles bei Windows nicht so toll zu sein. Hab schon vor längerer Zeit gern euren Server genutzt weil der einfach definitiv einer der besseren ist.

    Ich hab noch ein paar Domains frei bei meinem Webhosting. Ich werd also dann mal noch eine Domain bestellen und dann muss ich meinen Host da bitten die den DNS Eintrag dementsprechend wie in der Dokumentation bei euch beschrieben, zu ändern.

    Wie machen wir das denn mit dem Jabber Hosting dann ? Mache ich das bei euch per Formular, Email oder soll ich morgen z.b. mal anrufen ?

    Noch ein paar andere Fragen hätte ich. Den Jappix würde ich auch gerne nutzen. auch für meine Freunde die ggf eher neue bei Jabber und XMPP sind. Der von euch ist schon prima, aber da geht immer euer Support Channel mit auf. Ginge das evtl. das das ohne das geht, weil wenn jedesmal noch ein anderer Channel mit aufgeht, würden meine Jungs bissel konfus sein und das nicht so verstehen. ;) Klingt doof, aber glaub mir, es ist so.

    Man kann ja Jappix auch auf seinem Webspace installieren aber ich weiss nicht ob bei Shared Hosting da nicht zu viele Dinge sind die ich einstellen müsste aber eben wegen Shared Hosting garnicht kann. Jede Info dazu wäre willkommen.



  43. Andy Rogers says:


    I have recently changed my password on MSN due to my account being hacked, and now I need to change my password on the MSN transport.

    My problem is, when in Pidgin iam going to service discovery finding the msn.jabber.hot-chilli.net transport protocol, then clicking register and Pidgin is not bringing up any registration details for the transport when this used to.

    The same behaviour is alos happening on other transports which iam not even registered for currently.

    Iam getting this information present in the Pidgin debug window when I try to use the register button…

    (19:28:52) jabber: Sending (ssl):
    (19:28:53) jabber: Recv (ssl)(203):
    (19:28:53) jabber: Unhandled IQ with id purpledisco25170032
    (19:28:58) xmppdisco: unreffing list, ref count now 0

    Can anyone help me please.

    • Roi says:

      You need to do the pre-registration to see the registration window, where you can also edit your account and delete it.

      I really have to write this clearly into the blog and maybe also somewhere in the website. It’s not the fault of the users as many did not notice it because they did not follow the blog via feed or Twitter.

      Were you able to change the password after pre-registration?

  44. ZX says:

    sience 21 oct 2012 my xmpp.jabber.hot-chilli.net transport account offline. when i trying login nothing happen. i can connect to jabber server directly and it work fine. why my xmpp transport not work?
    also i use icq.jabber.hot-chilli.net and it work fine

  45. ashy says:

    Using Psi client, when I try to Register the MSN transport I get error saying “Unable to retrieve registration form. Reason: Forbidden. The requesting entity does not possess the required permissions to perform the action.”

    Help! :’(

  46. Javier says:

    I just register yahoo transport an the tranport say “ccount locked: You have been logging in too frequently. Wait a few minutes before trying to connect again. Logging into the Yahoo! website may help.”
    I log and quit in yahoo website but no solucion.
    What the error??

  47. Titto says:

    I´m using MSN trought jabber.hot-chilli.net transpor on a Psi client and I can´t logoff.
    I mean… It appears to logoff, but when I try to log in at MS Messenger, it says I´m already logged at somewhere else and my friend list pops up again at psi.

    What can I do?


  48. vlad says:

    Hi! I lost password. Can you help me? Please…

    • Roi says:

      Please mail me your JID and some kind of information which shows, that you are the real user of this account. E.g. some users in the roster, when you last logged into the account.

  49. fltemp says:

    Hi :)

    I’m using Psi+ v0.16.25 but I’ve experienced the same problems with Psi 0.15 and Pidgin so I suspect it’s not client’s problem.

    P1. Problem with in-band registration

    You recommend creating an account this way and not via your website. Unfortunately I am unable to do that.

    In Psi+ I choose jabber.hot-chilli.net server. Encryption is set to “when available”. Proxy: none. I get information that your certificate is not valid

    (seems it’s valid since Jan 7 to Jan 9). I accept the certificate. I enter user name and password for the new account (I’ve ticked “Register new

    account” earlier). I get a message that there was a problem during account registration. Reason: “Not acceptable”. Error message:
    “The recipient or server udnerstands the request but is refusing to process it because it does not meet criteria defined by the recipient or server

    (e.g., a local policy regarding acceptable words in messages). You are not allowed to register an account”.

    Finally I created an account via you web page.

    P2. Problem registering to GaduGadu and ICQ transports.

    I click “Service Discovery” and get a list of your services. I try to register to Hot-Chilli GaduGadu Transport and get:
    “Unable to retrievie registration form. Reason: Forbidden. The requesting entity does not posses the required permissions to perform the action”.
    The same is with ICQ transport.

    P3. Problem with services descriptions (or maybe with services themselves?)

    When I click some services (which causes Psi+ to get information about them) their name just changes to “Prosody”. It happens with “Hot-Chilli anonymous

    Jabber domain”, with all “Hot-Chilli secondary public Jabber domain” and also with some other services. This doesn’t look right – has someone forgot to

    enter meaningful information there? Or maybe those services doesn’t work properly? Such behavior raises doubts…

    Also, some questions about jabber hosting:

    Q1. How do I make the payment? Via “Donate” button in “Support us”? It would be nice to have a dedicated button in “jabber Hosting” section.

    Q2. Do I have to create a regular account (in jabber.hot-chilli.net domain) first?

    Q3. When will jabber hosting be activated? After you confirm the payment? Or right away? I would like to test your service for a short period of time

    before paying for whole year :)


    I’m looking for a stable xmpp/jabber server with jabber hosting, gg transport and message archiving and I’m willing to pay for it ;) But is jabber.hot-

    chilli.net such a server? I hope it is… Any thoughts?

    Cheers :)

  50. Richard says:


    To your knowledge, is it still possible to use Yahoo transports — in general, not just through your server ?
    I always get this message from Yahoo:

    Account locked: Too many failed login attempts. Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this.

    But logging into the Yahoo! website never seems to fix this.

  51. wendolamer says:

    Hi! Why can not I connect to the server using my account and my jabber client? I use Gajim.

  52. Zamb says:

    Problem with the servers right now? the server is up but the xmpp transport doesn’t work.

    • Roi says:

      Yes, we had server problems. Or service outages. We had to change another hard disk, and then the new disk right away.

      At the moment the server is rebuilding the RAID devices.

      Hetzner is really lost with all these hard disk problems… :-(

  53. Piter says:

    your ICQ an XMPP transport offline four days

  54. derlachendehans says:

    jappix and jwchat are not working any more.

    • Roi says:

      Thank you for this information! It works again! I had to change the Bosh configuration to https. Please remind me to put Jappix and JWChat both to a https website to secure the passwords when logging in.

      • derlachendehans says:

        hi roi,
        jappix is still not working for me.
        i get “Fehler -> Dienst nicht erreichbar” (Error -> Service not available) when i try to connect with jappix and some other error message with jwchat.
        and me reminds you to put jappix and jwchat to an https site ;)
        thanks in advance

        • Roi says:

          I just tried again. It works for me! Hm… Correct password?

          • derlachendehans says:

            Yes my credentials are okay.
            The problem only occurs at work, must have to do something with the bluecoat at work.
            Maybe enabling ssl will do the trick :D

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