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Own Jabber domains

We offer you the chance to run Jabber/XMPP accounts with your own domain. You could have identical address names for email and Jabber, for example name@domain.tld. But you don’t have to. You could also run a subdomain like jabber.domain.tld if that fits your needs better.

Another benefit is, that you (and if you like and request it other users as well) get administrative rights for your domain on the Jabber server. You can create, modify and delete accounts for your domain using our Web Admin interface.

Hot-Chilli web hosting customers

If you are already our web hosting customer, the setup is really easy for you – because we take care of everything for you.

Please check the extra charge per month for your web hosting package on our web hosting page.

Web hosting customers of other providers

You host your domain with another hosting provider? No problem at all, we can do Jabber hosting for you as well. However your hosting provider must allow you to make DNS SRV and DNS CNAME entries for your domain or if you cannot do it yourself, the hosting provider must do this for you. As an alternative you can deligate your domain or a subdomain, for example jabber.domain.tld, to our DNS servers and we take care of everything else. Your hosting provider must allow you to do this as well.

For detailed information about setting up DNS please see this page.

If we do DNS for you we can also provide a free Letsencrypt certificate for your Jabber/XMPP domain on our server. The alternative is either that you provide a certificate which is valid at least two years or we can use our certificate also for your domain (this will create client errors when connecting the first time but normally does cause any further problems).

Costs and payment

  • Costs: 1 EUR per month (see how much 1 EUR is in your local currency by clicking here)
  • Invoice and billing: annually
  • Payment: money transfer to German bank account or Paypal (minor additional fees apply for Paypal payments), no Bitcoin payments possible (only donations)
  • User accounts: Our product is meant for personal use or use for small companies. Please let us know if you want to create more than 10 accounts. Also we cannot allow in-band registration due to spamming issues.

Contact us / booking

    Do you have any further questions regarding hosting your own domain on our Jabber/XMPP server? Or do you want to even book Jabber/XMPP hosting with us? Please contact us here.

    If you have a different note, suggestion, hint or question please use our general contact form here.

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    8 replies on “Jabber Hosting”

    Yes, we will support this in the future. As MAM is a feature which requires version 0.10 of Prosody we need to wait until we can switch to it from 0.9. At the moment we cannot, yet. Please stay tuned.

    I would like you to host jabber accounts utilizing a sub-domain of a domain I own. Can you be so kind and let me know your Paypal Info and what information you need to know in order for you to setup the service.

    Best Regards,


    Hi hot-chilli,

    I would like to have(Rent) an XMPP server. I am already having domain registered with the godaddy. I would like to have the hot-chilli XMPP server to be accessed on my domain (

    How to register with you and what are the terms and conditions and payments?

    Can I get the feedback ASAP.


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