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Been having “server closed connection” errors regularly around the same time for the last two days around 4 am UTC. Site never says there’s any errors on the runtime page, and it comes back after 15 minutes or so, but it’s becoming a pattern.

What is the default port for Jabber server so I can correctly fill the details into Miranda IM?

Im the owner of a jabber server hosted elsewhere and have some issues.
For all contacts from hot-chili I get this error:

Presence Error: Remote server timeout.
A remote server or service specified as part or all of the JID of the intended recipient (or required to fulfill a request) could not be contacted within a reasonable amount of time.
Stream closed by local host: Idle connection (connection-timeout)

ping, telnet and dig works well. I can see hot-chilli well from my server, but the jabber doesn’t work.
Could you please advice what can be the cause?

Hello Max,
thank you for your message. Could you tell me the server domain you have problems with? I tried to answer but the mail address you used here is not working. You can privately reach me through our contact form here on the website. I can check our logs and/or firewall settings. At the moment I have two ideas: You do not support encrypted S2S connections (and we require encrypted S2S and C2S connections) or you are on our firewall list for spamming.

Hi can you pls help me recovery my password.My Usernames is jayjayP.
I dont remember my email address i registerd with to reset my jabber.

You do not know the recovery mail address you have set. Important is that you have set one and that it is still valid and that you can access it. Go to and reset the password. A reset link will be sent to your recovery mail address. If there is no or an invalid mail address you cannot reset your password.

Hi, I’m trying to create a basic pubsub node. But the server responds with forbidden error. I searched about that on XEP 0060 it says that this error occurs when the entity does not have sufficient privileges.

So, how can I get those privileges to create a pubsub node ?

A comment from Prosody developer:
“Any idea what they were trying to use pubsub for?
It would probably be better if they used PEP, which in 0.11 now has full pubsub support
So they can just address the XEP-0060 stanzas to their own bare JID
Each user basically has their own pubsub service now”

You can use whatever XMPP client is available. Gajim for Windows/Linux for example. Or Conversations on Android.
The easiest way is our webclient, available here our website.
I do not know what an OTP code is. If it is something sent to your Jabber account from an external service you registered you also will be able to see that message in any client as described above.

Please help, did not understand your reply, so let me explain problem better : trying to help others sign up from our group for jabbr3chat, never had this happen before (have helped others create accounts , never a problem). we go to, fill out the form and hit submit, only to get this reply instead of a name being created:

“Create account
Encryption is required
Web based form for XMPP/Jabber services on Please see website for more information.”

I understand now. There was a problem with the form. I saw it when I tried, too. And fixed it. Works again. Please try and let me know.

trying to help some register a name to chat , when they hit “submit” they get a “encryption required ” notice. never heard of that, what is going on?

Are you talking about our web registration forms or the Jabber server itself? For the Jabber server please see my comment I just made under your other message. The web forms are https, I do not have any idea if you are talking about the forms. Maybe a proxy problem on your side?

trying to register , getting notice saying “Encryption is required” after hitting submit

what do I do?

You can only connect to our Jabber server using TLS/SSL. This affects client to server (c2s) and also server to server (s2s) connections.

The server and the services are up an running. Please provide more information, maybe you like to contact us directly through our mail contact form here on the page.

Why do you guys make this site so complicated ?? I’m confused and I need my jabber to add access to other accounts

We do not think that this site is complicated. Jabber/XMPP is pretty easy. But yes, a bit more complicated that WhatsApp or other instant messaging services. What problems do you have, can you be more specific?

Hey please I just created an acount. But I’m not sure where to login to use the IM messenger to chat. Is there like an app that it suppose to be download for me to be able to chat? Please help.

Hi, I am trying to open an account without success.
The error I get is “not-acceptable”

Can u help me please?

Warning, support will refuse to help! This service has bugs which they do not care to fix. my account got locked I emailed support and they flat out refused to help while admitting that their service has bugs which caused my account to get locked (no fault of mine!).

do NOT get a jabber account here. Go somewhere else where support actually helps you and somewhere safer without so many bugs that will affect your account!

First of all thank you for your service I liked it and appreciated it but I don’t like the way I was treated when you service messed up my account.

I want to warn people not to change their password on the “change password” form. I changed my password and I got a message saying that my password had been changed successfully. Then I tried logging into my jabber and I was not able to. I tried everything and I contacted support. Support did not try to look into the problem at all. All they said is “sorry we can not help you”. I asked them how this is possible and why they would even have this feature of change password and why lie to users about “Successful” password change when in fact the password changed messed my account up. They couldn’t reply only said this is a free service, we can’t do anything.

The form SHOULD say add your email or else you will lose your account for ever and we won’t have a good reason why this happens.

I have set up to XMPP accounts and am now trying to figure out
if it is possible to gateway in and out of SMS.
I see mentioned several transports but I cannot find any in-depth information for set up. Can you point me in the right direction?

We do not offer a SMS gateway at the moment, sorry. Also we do not have more information about the transports as already provided on our website. At the moment. We will try to create a documentation or at least link to other websites in the future.

how does it take before Jabber will messages ?according to the policy by San Wells,the company already verdicted that,San Wells does not accept unsolicited business development proposal without setting up an account with Jabber for assistance…please i would like your honorable office to help me with the contact of the Sam Wells Administration or how to contact them.

my jabber was hijacked. someone Russian now publishes malware out of it. how can I prove that i was the previous owner and gain access?

You cannot. It is only possible if you set a mail address and can recover your password using this mail address. Sorry, but as we do not store any data of our users that is the only way. Our password and account recovery policy is also mentioned here.

I have just moved from AIM to Jabber. I can sign in with no problems. However, my buddy cannot. How do you initiate a conversation with a jabber buddy. This is so basic and I’m sorry to ask such a stupid question.

I was able to create a Jabber account successfully.

I later did a password reset and I received another password via email, so I can log into the account using that password. However, when I log into the server (here) and try to change my password, I get this response:

Server output: ************************** Prosody was unable to find the configuration file. We looked for: /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua A sample config file is included in the Prosody download called prosody.cfg.lua.dist Copy or rename it to prosody.cfg.lua and edit as necessary. More help on configuring Prosody can be found at Good luck! **************************
That seems to be a configuration error on the Jabber server. Consequently, the password change does not take effect.

Hello Ken, thank you for this information. I just fixed it. It happened when we last updated Prosody on the server. Please try again, it should work now. Cheers, Roi

I installed the cisco jabber 11.7 client windows, when logging me it returns a “can not communicate with the server” error. I tried to set up the server manually but the problem remains. can you help me ?
Thank you
gianpietro cesarotto

Do you still have the problem? The server works fine. Must be some configuration problem with your client software. Unfortunally I do not know it.

My jabber ID was working perfectly up until several days ago. The prompt keeps saying cannot connect to server. Please help

yes hello various times I’ve tried to make a jabber account but for some reason at the end of createing the account It tells me encryption required an I have absolutely no idea what that means please help iv’e be struggling all night with this trying to get it right :(

Hello, I got threw the reg. process and at the last step it says encryption required.What does this mean? Thank you

When creating and account I get Encryption is required note (after clicking “Create account” button). Could you tell me what is the cause of this error message please

hey i can’t get my jabber verification code how can i get it ..tell me where to get that ..please

Basicly it does not matter if your script is working or not, because: In-band registration is turned off on our server. Please use the web based registration form to register for new accounts, change passwords and delete existing accounts.

For the last two days I am unable to login to my hot-chilli account. Are you guys doing something on the server, is the server down, or what? Thank you.

hello , i need help to fix this prob i use pidgin and then i try to log apears an error could not to connect xmpp server
who know how to fix it please mail me thx

Hi! I have some problems with your server and Psi+ client. It’s hanging and not responding, when I’m trying to connect. It works good with Xabber (mobile client), but not with Psi+. Maybe something wrong with connection settings? Other accounts from other servers works good. I’m using Help me please and sorry about bad english.


It is possible to add my mailbox “” on an iphone ?
if yes, what i need put please for the
-incoming server ?
-out server ?
– Imap or Pop ?

Thanks guys ;)

Hello Rodolph,

we are running a Jabber server here and offer free Jabber accounts. A Jabber ID (JID) looks like a mail address, but it has nothing to do with it. We do not offer mail addresses to the JIDs, sorry.


No, we do not support it. It’s a mixture of functionality (did not work as thought when we tried it – which is a long time ago) plus we do not want to have the technical features to log chat protocols. Especially not in these days…

Yes, it is compatible. We do not block anything which has to do with Tor. Also I can see a lot of people who use our server through Tor. The problem is somewhere else.


Actually I am developing an internal chat application for Our organization, for this I have installed openfire in my local machine. Now the problem is I would like to implement an chat application based on XMPP using android. But, Using openfire server credential I am able to connect with spark client. But, Now as per my requirement I should connect with my android app and able to chat with it.

Please reply me is there any possibilities!

Thank you for this information! It works again! I had to change the Bosh configuration to https. Please remind me to put Jappix and JWChat both to a https website to secure the passwords when logging in.

hi roi,
jappix is still not working for me.
i get “Fehler -> Dienst nicht erreichbar” (Error -> Service not available) when i try to connect with jappix and some other error message with jwchat.
and me reminds you to put jappix and jwchat to an https site ;)
thanks in advance

Yes my credentials are okay.
The problem only occurs at work, must have to do something with the bluecoat at work.
Maybe enabling ssl will do the trick :D

Interesting, I cannot connect with the current Jappix build to our server. It works like a charm with the older version we have running here for a while.

Hans, I upgraded the website to https only. ;-) I also turned off BOSH to port 5280 via http, as it was the only unsecure connection left in our setup.

I will write something in the blog after other optimizations and fixes are done, also when the new theme is finished.

BTW: Can you connect now?

i have set up a Jabber account and i have been writen the administration through my jabber account and no reply since days now,please how do contact San Wells Admini through Jabber help,.?

I am on holiday, so thank you for the information. It should run again. I also started XMPP and J2J transports.

Yes I know there is a problem for months now.

Unfortunally Spectrum is not (yet) upgraded. In my understanding this will take a while until we can expect an upgrade… :-(

Well, no documentation at the moment. But it is really simple. Just register it with the credentials of a XMPP account and you can be logged into two XMPP accounts at once. The second account works as a transport.

¿Can you share links or something like that around the implementation for xmpp and twitter transport


Yes, we had server problems. Or service outages. We had to change another hard disk, and then the new disk right away.

At the moment the server is rebuilding the RAID devices.

Hetzner is really lost with all these hard disk problems… :-(

Hi Roi,

First off, thanks for offering hot chili. In love having jabber outside of just the work setting.

Two questions, 1, can we store messages on the server or should we store locally? 2, son you still use hetzner?


No, we do not support XEP-0313 (MAM = Message Archive Management) at the moment as we still use Prosody 0.9. As soon as we can upgrade to Prosody 0.10 we will support it. As a user you need to activate it. The default is no storing of message on the server as we do not want to create more data on our server as really needed.

Yes, our servers still run at Hetzner in Germany.


To your knowledge, is it still possible to use Yahoo transports — in general, not just through your server ?
I always get this message from Yahoo:

Account locked: Too many failed login attempts. Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this.

But logging into the Yahoo! website never seems to fix this.

I thin Facebook transport is not very user friendly. I started using it after I saw a friend using it. At first I though that I would get used to it. But as days went by I was finding it more difficult to navigate. I don’t know it I did not use it properly or is it really not that user friendly?

I was using Facebook transport a while ago but stopped using this App due to the constant error messages upon changing the passwords.But following the recently posted advice from webmaster gingerly,I changed the password on the same laptop and it worked smooth as ever.Henceforth I do not change the machine to which I registered via Facebook and would suggest everyone to check the same.

I started using facebook transport recently. But one day when I tried logging in, there was a message that due to security reasons we require an authentication code. Since I did not have any, i had requested for the same and it was said that it would be mailed to my registered mail id. But its almost 2 days now and i haven’t yet received any code. I am unable to login also. Anybody else facing the same problem?

I carried out this procedure on laptop with windows 8,I found that as the web master replied,I could register the account and fill pre-registration form for transport services without any hassle.But reading few comments here,I tried via facebook on my desktop which has windows 7 installed and I too encountered errors on changing passwords.That makes me to conclude that this software runs better on windows 8 and I recommend to do the same.

Where do you try to change your Facebook password? For your transport user? If yes, you change it exactly where you also register for the transport. Not on our website!

According to me,the problem of getting error page which is encountered by most of the commentators is due to the non compatibility of the software with your system configuration. Changing passwords of any account be it a Yahoo,Gmail,Facebook or any social networking site is indispensable to cease the hackers from spamming and this procedure is giving errors to all.I hope the web-master educates the readers for finding the solution on it.

Solution is there. No more problem when registering accounts or making the pre-registration for transport services. Still open are the web forms for changing Jabber account passwords and deleting Jabber accounts from our server.

I frequently change passwords of my passwords to dismiss the possibility to get hacked.But the facebook transport is directing me to the error page.So do I need to need to make any amends in order to make facebook transport work for such changes?

I am also getting the error page when try via facebook transport. I have done to search for the error that part this I have done exactly as suggested but still not able to figure out what’s the problem. Do anyone able to figure out the exact reason for this issue ?

I’m unable to connect from my university (UCLV, Cuba), Is your service ONLY for Europe? :(
I’m using Psi+ 0.15, I had pre-register for transport also.
When I try to connect I receive the ssl certificate but the connection is never established :(
Help please…

No, we run a worldwide service which is available for free.

I cannot tell you what the problem might be. Maybe Cuba is blocking the traffic. We were told by another user some time ago that big XMPP services are blocked.

Maybe you like to try the Port 80 or 443 connections we offer? For details check our server details page. This should work on most configurations where you have firewalls blocking away unwanted traffic.

Let us know if it works.


I’ve tried with ports 443 and 80, even I’ve put manually the host (,, and others), finally I’ve used directly as my host (with both ports), and still nothing.
I’ve verified the connections on my proxy and it appears like it is connected, but still nothing! :(
Note: I’m able to connect with hot-chilli trough transport from (and others) but never directly.
I really likes your services: twitter, mail, icq, j2j, etc. but I’m unable to configure it without a direct connection. It’s there a way to do so?
Thanks for the attention, I’ll keep trying.
Alvaro Javier is not the IP address of our Jabber server. Please check or for valid IP addresses of our Jabber server. Port 80 and 443 only work with or the IP address. Please check our server page for more information.

If you want to use our transports, you have to use these services through a Jabber service. Our Jabber service or another, it does not matter.

hi i have a problem, when i try to register with Psi to a facebook transport it give me that error:

Unable to retrieve registration form.
Reason: Forbidden
The request entity does not possess the required permission to perform the action.

You have to use the pre-registration form first. Please see our website for information (in the blog) and link to the form.

Is it possible to use Facebook “App Passwords” instead of your actual account pwd, to register and connect the hot-chilli transport to your account?
I thought to remember it had worked for me before, but note I just don’t succeed anymore…

“Unable to retrive registration form. Reason: Forbidden. The requesting entity does not possess the required permission to perform the action.”


Can’t tell. It is a nice feature for the Jabber server, which was the reason for us to implement it. Hopefully we can implement it again on the Prosody server. Stay tuned!

Nice post which a There are logfiles on the server, but for Prosody, no IPs are logged. As we are working on the switch to Spectrum 2, I cannot tell you how Spectrum 2 is logging. Thanks a lot for posting

I changed my facebook password and now the facebook transport can not connect anymore. Error message: “Login/Password invalid”.
I tried to unregister the transport with Psi, but I get another error message: “Unable to retrieve registration form. Reason: Forbidden. The requesting entity does not possess the required permissions to perform the action”.
Can you help me fix this?

I found your preregister page. So after preregistering I was able to unregister and register the facebook transport with the correct password. The facebook roster however is not coming through. I did authorize the transport.

Yes we are – to be correct: we will again. After the server migration I did not have time to bring back some services like jDisk and JMC. Please stay tuned, I will have a look into it asap. Thanks for the reminder btw. ;-)

Hi :)

I’m using Psi+ v0.16.25 but I’ve experienced the same problems with Psi 0.15 and Pidgin so I suspect it’s not client’s problem.

P1. Problem with in-band registration

You recommend creating an account this way and not via your website. Unfortunately I am unable to do that.

In Psi+ I choose server. Encryption is set to “when available”. Proxy: none. I get information that your certificate is not valid

(seems it’s valid since Jan 7 to Jan 9). I accept the certificate. I enter user name and password for the new account (I’ve ticked “Register new

account” earlier). I get a message that there was a problem during account registration. Reason: “Not acceptable”. Error message:
“The recipient or server udnerstands the request but is refusing to process it because it does not meet criteria defined by the recipient or server

(e.g., a local policy regarding acceptable words in messages). You are not allowed to register an account”.

Finally I created an account via you web page.

P2. Problem registering to GaduGadu and ICQ transports.

I click “Service Discovery” and get a list of your services. I try to register to Hot-Chilli GaduGadu Transport and get:
“Unable to retrievie registration form. Reason: Forbidden. The requesting entity does not posses the required permissions to perform the action”.
The same is with ICQ transport.

P3. Problem with services descriptions (or maybe with services themselves?)

When I click some services (which causes Psi+ to get information about them) their name just changes to “Prosody”. It happens with “Hot-Chilli anonymous

Jabber domain”, with all “Hot-Chilli secondary public Jabber domain” and also with some other services. This doesn’t look right – has someone forgot to

enter meaningful information there? Or maybe those services doesn’t work properly? Such behavior raises doubts…

Also, some questions about jabber hosting:

Q1. How do I make the payment? Via “Donate” button in “Support us”? It would be nice to have a dedicated button in “jabber Hosting” section.

Q2. Do I have to create a regular account (in domain) first?

Q3. When will jabber hosting be activated? After you confirm the payment? Or right away? I would like to test your service for a short period of time

before paying for whole year :)


I’m looking for a stable xmpp/jabber server with jabber hosting, gg transport and message archiving and I’m willing to pay for it ;) But is such a server? I hope it is… Any thoughts?

Cheers :)

This is “normal”. ;-) The transport then disconnects and reconnects after a short time. The maintainer knows about it and is trying to fix it.

How do I remove the Twitter gateway, if I decide I don’t need it anymore?
I thought simply deleting the OAuth key on Twitter’s side, and then deleting the user from my contact list would do it, but now every couple minutes I get an error message from the user with an error message. I’d really like to get rid of that.

You need to unregister your account on our transport. To do that, you might need to perform pre-registration for our transports before you can see the register/unregister/change window of the transport.

Please mail me your JID and some kind of information which shows, that you are the real user of this account. E.g. some users in the roster, when you last logged into the account.

Is there a problem with icq transport? I can not log in to the browser services. I’m using 10.9.0 Miranda.

I’m trying to setup PSI to use this service ( but when I choose the “Hot-Chilli Yahoo! Transport I get an error message:
“Unable to retreive registration form
Reason: Forbidden
The requesting entity does not possess the required permissions to perform the action.”

I think I should be getting a login window instead…what am I missing?

I´m using MSN trought transpor on a Psi client and I can´t logoff.
I mean… It appears to logoff, but when I try to log in at MS Messenger, it says I´m already logged at somewhere else and my friend list pops up again at psi.

What can I do?


I just register yahoo transport an the tranport say “ccount locked: You have been logging in too frequently. Wait a few minutes before trying to connect again. Logging into the Yahoo! website may help.”
I log and quit in yahoo website but no solucion.
What the error??

Using Psi client, when I try to Register the MSN transport I get error saying “Unable to retrieve registration form. Reason: Forbidden. The requesting entity does not possess the required permissions to perform the action.”

Help! :'(

sience 21 oct 2012 my transport account offline. when i trying login nothing happen. i can connect to jabber server directly and it work fine. why my xmpp transport not work?
also i use and it work fine


I have recently changed my password on MSN due to my account being hacked, and now I need to change my password on the MSN transport.

My problem is, when in Pidgin iam going to service discovery finding the transport protocol, then clicking register and Pidgin is not bringing up any registration details for the transport when this used to.

The same behaviour is alos happening on other transports which iam not even registered for currently.

Iam getting this information present in the Pidgin debug window when I try to use the register button…

(19:28:52) jabber: Sending (ssl):
(19:28:53) jabber: Recv (ssl)(203):
(19:28:53) jabber: Unhandled IQ with id purpledisco25170032
(19:28:58) xmppdisco: unreffing list, ref count now 0

Can anyone help me please.

You need to do the pre-registration to see the registration window, where you can also edit your account and delete it.

I really have to write this clearly into the blog and maybe also somewhere in the website. It’s not the fault of the users as many did not notice it because they did not follow the blog via feed or Twitter.

Were you able to change the password after pre-registration?

on spectrum2 xmpp transport incoming mesage contain send time by it coms.
on spectrum1 send time have real time when user it send.
it is possible to make for spectrum2 incoming messages real send time?

Thank you for your message. I forwarded your request to the maintainer of Spectrum 2. If it makes sense, he will surly think about it – as Spectrum 2 is still under development.

i having trouble for login in facebook with smake library..
error like digest md5 SASL auth. and

can not login with “” .

so please help me and if can than tell me the code for connecting with facebook
and list of friends who are online.


i am creating a facebook chat application in android but i am facing one problem and
getting error “digest md5 sasl authentication”
and login fail using sasl authentication failed.
i tried facebook user name ,g mail user name but can’t resolving it..
so please help me for this…..
how to authenticate first time in facebook chat app for android.
thanks in advance.

Before you can use XMPP chat with Facebook you need(ed) to activate/allow this inside Facebook first. As I did this almost years ago I do not recall anymore what I had to do – and also if this is still necessary. Does anybody know and can help?

i fin naly succeed in removing and creating account.
So finalyy success in yahoo registering .
By yahoo gateway seem to be down again . ( connecting status after registering again then ” not avaliable” .

can you reset yahoo gateway ?


Is it just me, or is the msn transport down?

All I get is “*** is Offline”, and it’s been like that since friday when I pre-registered to try this msn-in-gtalk-thingy I’ve been reading so much about :)

From what I gather is the server to use, I’ve tried some other servers but Gtalk on Android just crashes due to the % in the user names.

Does anybody know of another server that works with Gtalk on Android in the case that the msn transport on is down permanently?

Seems to be working now, but it’s a little weird… at first only one of my contacts was added. Then i took a few days for another one to appear, and then some days later the rest all were there. But if I went online with another msn client during this time they were all online.

What ever, everything seems to be working now, so I’m happy! :)

You can log off the transport manually and it should be offline until you log into it again or log into your Jabber account again.

What do you mean? Log off or unregister? Log off should be in the context menu of very client, unregister is hidden in the register window.

So, I will change my question. Is it possible to send a message (to the transport) in order to logoff? like /logoff or /logout

When I use follow the your instructions below

This web based pre-registration tool will help you to create and use transport services on our Jabber server. After pre-registration you will be able to register your JID on our transport services for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes you have to pre-register again.

I always get …

Transport pre-registration
This post is also available in: German

JID already exists in database.

Then I use transport registration from service discovery using PSI client but my transport never conect …

I don’t know why if i can login into my account with no problem via webmail or yahoo messenger

Thanks for your time Roi

Yahoo transport doesn’t work for me, i’m already pre-registerd but when i connect to yahoo transport keep always offline, not bring online, my yahoo user and pass are correct, i don’t have clear if i need to use for example in legacy username or just username …

please anybody help me …

If you want to use the transport, it should work as always. If you want to register, unregister or change something with your account, then you need the registration form of the transport. To use that, you need to pre-register like described in our blog.

I cannot tell you how to put in your username for Yahoo, as I personally do not use it. Sorry.

The Yahoo transport works, at least the maintainer tells me that and I can also see that in our stats.

You still have the problem? If yes, contact me via PM or in our support channel or via email and name your JID. Without it, we cannot check anything in the logs.

MSN works fine for me, though. I checked when I saw your message here 2 days ago.

We just migrated Yahoo transport to Spectrum 2. I already see lots of online users there. Can you access the transport, too?

I got “Unable to retrive registration form. Reason: Forbidden. The requesting entity does not possess the required permission to perform the action.” error when I tried to transport facebook to my google talk. Could you please help? Thanks!

Are you trying to register for a new account or do you try to use an existing account? To register a new account you have to process pre-registration first. Please check our blog for more details.

Hey Roi,

Got the same problem as Feifei after changing my MSN paswword on their site, I can’t seem to unregister / re-register / change the paswword with the transport. Consequence of this is that I am now unable to have relay with my msn account on my gtalk account. Any idea why I can unreg and rereg?


Did you use the pre-registration form on our website? After that you should be able to use the registration form of the transport.

Is anyone having problems with the MSN service?

Im not able to connect via Pidgin like I normally can do, it is saying “Not Authorised”.

ICQ should run a lot more stable now, it was brought to Spectrum 2 yesterday in the afternoon. Please report if you still have any problems.

Why missing commands option for ICQ and XMPP2 Transports? How i can enable/disable transport and make other settings for this protocols?

These transports are migrated to Spectrum 2 already. Spectrum 2 is missing ad-hoc commands at the moment. The maintainer, HanzZ, is working very hard to restore this functionality to Spectrum 2 asap.

Does hot chilli support connections through TOR nodes ? I can’t seem to get it to work that way.

With using no proxy everything is fine.

(11:08:31) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for
(11:08:31) dnsquery: IP resolved for
(11:08:31) proxy: Attempting connection to
(11:08:31) proxy: Connecting to via using SOCKS5
(11:08:31) socks5 proxy: Connection in progress
(11:08:32) socks5 proxy: Connected.
(11:08:32) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Connection refused.
(11:08:32) jabber: Couldn’t connect directly to Trying to find alternative connection methods, like BOSH.
(11:08:32) dnssrv: Aborting TXT lookup in Tor Proxy mode.
(11:08:32) jabber: Unable to find alternative XMPP connection methods after failing to connect directly.
(11:08:32) connection: Connection error on 05062580 (reason: 0 description: Unable to connect)

John, cannot tell you what the problem is in that case. You are the first one who is asking that. I have to investigate, let’s see who is getting to the problem first. ;-)

My non official experience say pretty much everyone who wants to use Jabber on TOR through Pidgin ;)



I have been trying to use the MSN transport with no success for a few days now. I have used the transport pre-registration page to register my email but still no luck :-( I’m using PSI to transport my MSN into Google talk.

Please – What am I doing wrong?


Ofer, did you use the transport already before our migrarion to Prosody? If yes, are you a Google Talk (gmail) user? Or did you just try to create a new account on our MSN transport?

Roi Thanks for replying!

I used the transport before the migration to prosody and I’m a google talk user (goole apps for your domain). I did figure out that I need to create a new user account on the MSN transport – is that so?

Thanks again (:

Ofer, no, you do not need to recreate your account again on MSN. Maybe this is also the reason why you did get errors after trying to register after doing the web preregister thing. As you are a gmail user might be the cause of the problem. Gmail users are so frequent on this server that some connections are dropped by our server and/or Google has problems, too. They already have a special configuration for our server in their config – at least for Facebook transport. I will check now if this is the case for MSN, too. Please stay tuned.

Thank you Roi (-:

Your site/service is AFAIK the only one that replaces the “%” sign demanded by MSN which makes it the only one compatible with the the android “talk” client and hence extremely useful.

BTW I also could not use the facebook transport. Got the following:

“Error submitting registration form.
Reason: Not acceptable.
The recipient server understands the request but is refusing to process it because it does not meet criteria designed by the recipient or server (e.g., a local policy regarding acceptable words in message”


Hey !

Are account passwords at stored as plaintext or in hashed or encrypted form ?

Do you keep personal information about sessions and other information? Do you keep log files of communication?


John P.

Hello John,

Jabber and transport passwords are stored in plain text – which at least for the transport has technical reasons. For Jabber we did not take a closer look, as ejabberd did not support crypted passwords and we just migrated to Prosody which does. But we have to take a closer look to see if migration is possible and if there are limitations.

There are logfiles on the server, but for Prosody, no IPs are logged. As we are working on the switch to Spectrum 2, I cannot tell you how Spectrum 2 is logging. In Spectrum 1 there are not IPs logged as well. Log files are kept 7-10 days. For details about log files, see Prosody and Spectrum websites.

We do not log any communication, but we will have archives for our support channel. And we also want to offer users the feature to log communication if they want to. But for sure we will never enable something like this by default.

There will be information about the general topic this loud and clear on this webpage as we do want to hide anything and also everybody should know what is saved and why – but the website is not finished, yet. ;-) Also I should note here that our server is configured just like most other servers out there.


We restarted the transport service since then, and today we restarted the whole machine. Everything should be up and running again.

really? I only found the ebjabbered Engine Not working, for Yahoo transport, But I Get Working Transport On, that’s from my country, i’m using that for my transport On GMail, and then, can you accept My Jabber request, i get question too about Twitter Jabber, I have Open Link, and Get Uniqe Code, and for what that uniqe code? thx for that ;)

I hope future This Jabber Service always Be The best ;)

Shalom From Indonesia :)

any things about YM transport? Why only Nimbuzz Yaho transport can look online and offline user? And then the MSN server down? Need explain about this…

Coz i’m new here, and thx allot

We restarted the transport service since then, and today we restarted the whole machine. Everything should be up and running again.

I just set up transportation for my yahoo account and see my contacts offline. I can talk to them but they see me online but I do not. Transportation needs special settings?

No, the contacts should appear automaticly and appear online of they are in the native messaging service, in this case Yahoo.

We restarted the transport service since then, and today we restarted the whole machine. Everything should be up and running again as it should be.

Thank you very much for responding. That was the only problem was the service. For everything else is excellent.

Is anyone having problems with MSN?
for the past couple of days I have been unable to connect.

TEngo un problema este transporte Jabber Mail Component, cuando mando un mensaje a un maigo a su celular le llega bien, pero la direccioón que le llega es y por supuesto cuando responde no llegan sus respuestas como puedo corregir este perblema

So here’s a dumb question: is there any way to configure the IRC transport to, say, keep me connected to IRC as long as I’m logged in to my Gtalk? The way it works with the Facebook Chat transport?

I would love to be constantly connected to IRC via the Gtalk app on my Android phone.

Hi Michael,

I do not represent chilli side.
Have a look: to be connected to irc via chilli jabber – your android jabber client have to support jabber transport feature.
Mine droid device is 2.2 android and it does not support jabber transport configuration natively. Do not know anything about modern devices.
Anyway, I believe you can easily find gtalk analog on the market. If that application is capable to make use of jabber transport – consider yourself irc-online. But user-experience of those 3d party tools is usually rather poor. So, if you are a bit of a geek-type – find a nice jabber app on the market and connect to irc utilizing chilli server, if not – I would recommend to look for a separate irc application with gtalk status support.

Since I’ve started using the MSN Transport, I am swamped with an authorization request for each of my MSN contacts every time I log on to Jabber. How can I prevent this ? I’ve granted them all; denied them all. I’ve used the Unregister feature on the ‘Hot-Chilli MSN Transport’ Node, as well as the Register whil checking the ‘Remove your registration feature’. I did these two things with my correct password as well as an incorrect one. I cannot seem to be able to get rid of this. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to specify irc-server connection port?
To utilize utf encoding I’m in need to connect via port 7777 – what should I specify to proceed?

IRC transport also works via Jabber connection which means that you use IRC through your Jabber client.

Only the PROXY65 file transfer proxy service has a different port, which in fact is 7777. ;-)

Hi there and thanks for the reply.
Though I still have an issue.
Have a look:
client – jabber server – transport – irc server
Believe me or not, encoding of messages between transport on hot-chilli side and irc server may depend on irc server port – it’s irc server configuration. In my case port 7777 on irc side is configured to deal with utf encoding (and that is the encoding I want, due to local configuration and jabber utf-based protocol), and 7770 – with cp1251 cyrillic.
So, paraphrasing the question, how can I force jabber irc transport on hot-chilli side to connect to some irc server on particular port?
I guess it’s impossible – security reason and blah-blah-blah, but I decided to double-check.

Sorry for a shred of sarcasm in my ‘believe me or not’, any info is appreciated.
Have a great time, Roi.

tralev, I will forward your question to the maintainer(s) of Spectrum. I am not aware of any chance to configure this on the transport service. Or set this on the user side.

Is anyone having problems with the MSN Transport?

I have not been able to login since the 13th January.

Hi, i’ve been trying to transport my msn contacts to gmail. But the MSN JID ( seens to be off. Thanks in advance ;)

Are both the XMPP transport’s working ok?
I have had for hte past couple of days my account not signing in, saying Service Unavailable error message in Pidgin.

XMPP transports connect, but I can’t talk to anyone. In fact all my contacts appear as offline and I appear offline to everybody.

Ok, after realizing that a few services were hanging in an “uninterruptible sleep”, I rebootet the whole machine.
I hope all services are working properly now and this not only for 1 day…

Let me know if you experience any problems.

same here – icq transport can’t be reached since yesterday evening.

I hope you get this great service up running again soon.

Thx in advance!

Please transport this wonderful service provided by professionals in the with MSN, will be restored?
Thank you for the service provided and quality.

hmm… Ok, I restarted the whole jabber service.
Please have a look. If it still isn’t working, I’ll try to do a more detailed anaylsis.

How can I create a facebook transport with Pidgin or Jitsi.
I have tried both clients but I cannot find something like service discovery in those.
Also, how long will such a transport persist?
Is there a timeout or something like this?

I hate to be a bother about this (as I’ve asked about it both in the Support MUC and via email), but it recently came to my attention that Dax has updated the JMC to play nicely with SMTP over SSL. Considering the JMC appears to be broken now, might now be a good time to upgrade? ;-)

@Marcxjo: Thank you for the reminder. Dax send me the new version as I have been in contact with him for months now and brought up some bugs. But I had no time yet to update. Will do in the next days.

GG transport should again. I restarted all transport services this morning after I did an upgrade of the Spectum software.

Roy or Beorn,
I work with Mac OSX 10.7.2 and Safari 5.1.1
I have an Jabber account at your site.
When opening your website it gives a message that 3 mistakes appeared when opening.
I can not connect to MSN transport. ( I would like to chat with MSN users )
Can you please help with this?
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Hello, and thanks a lot for icq->jabber transport. My question is … when somebody who is NOT on my ICQ contact list will try to send me ICQ message …. will this message be transported to my jabber account ?

Basically right now all my ICQ contacts are like this …
Now suppose somebody with ICQ# 1234567 (and NOT in my list) using regular ICQ client will send me ICQ message to my ICQ#.

Will this message get delivered to me, while I’m (for example) using gTalk or PSI+ or any other jabber client ? Or only messages from people ALREADY in my contact list will be delivered ?

In my opinion you can set ICQ to just accept messages from people in contact list, but you have to do this with a native client. Also you can set the ICQ transport via ad hoc to not accept authorization requests anymore. I had huge problems with many many spam auth requests, so I turned this off.

You register this transport like most other transports. Open Jabber Service Discovery and use “register” on the transport to create an account. You need to enter your Yahoo account and password.

QQ Transport was deactivated some weeks ago. The QQ protocol was removed from libpurple/pidgin in version 2.8.0, so we cannot provide QQ anymore if we don’t switch from Spectrum to something else. And this won’t happen, and there are no plans to do this. ;-)

Don’t even bather. Tencer won’t allow any QQ transfer except itself. The problem is on Tencer, not here.

try this, as host type:

as room:


and pick a nick

ps. I’m using psi

I have problems connecting to irc , not sure if the problem is with your irc server transport or my lack of experience with jabber. Is someone willing to write this irc howto? Thanks.

Thanks for response, but the problem still exists. I’m trying to register QQ account with numeric ID and password, which is normally working with QQ messenger, but it hungs with ‘connecting’ status. The same problem exists for MySpace. Maybe there is some specific jabber id form for registering users for this community??? I suppose You’re using Spectrum transport, but googling for
problems of those transports give no result…

Please check your configurations for QQ and Myspace, its impossible to use those transports at this moment. I’m using Psi on mac, and all the other trasports are working fine for me, so maybe there is any specifications for those transports usernames, (though i have tried all the possible jabber ids for those servers).
Any suggestions????

P.S. nice “how to” which detailed explains everything!!!!!

I restarted QQ and MySpace just now. Please check if it works again.

As we are running the Jabber server for free and in our free time the how to’s are not really finished. We don’t like that but we don’t have the time to look after this at the moment. If you (or anybody) like to support us, feel free. This would really help us and for sure makes the server better and easier to use.

Please check your configurations for QQ and Myspace, its impossible to use those transports at this moment. I’m using Psi on mac, and all the other trasports are working fine for me, so maybe there is any specifications for those transports usernames, (though i have tried all the possible jabber ids for those servers).
Any suggestions????

I restarted QQ and MySpace just now. Please check if it works again.

As we are running the Jabber server for free and in our free time the how to’s are not really finished. We don’t like that but we don’t have the time to look after this at the moment. If you (or anybody) like to support us, feel free. This would really help us and for sure makes the server better and easier to use.

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