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25 thoughts on “Account”

  1. inline registration in Psi+ provides a captcha url and form field toenter solution

    unfortunately none of the android xmpp clients provide this. Please amend instructions

    1. EN: Web registration does work again, we introduced a new web registration form today. More about this soon in our blog.

      DE: Webregistrierung geht nun wieder, haben heute ein neues Webregistrierungsformular in Betrieb genommen. Mehr dazu demnächst im Blog.

  2. My login stopped working today. I am not sure why. It looks like my password is failing all of a sudden.

  3. I have the same registration problem as miniman. Anybody can help? I got

    Checking password: Password OK

    Unknown error, error code = ‘0’.

    Inband registration with Miranda IM also doesn’t work.

  4. You can create an account with our “Jabber Registration Tool” or within a Jabber client which supports in-band registration, which most do.