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40 thoughts on “Account”

  1. Pls I forgot where to login my jabber… And how to create my recover my password.
    Now I want to open a new account pls I need link I will always use for login and where I will open a new account now

    1. You need a recovery mail address set for your account if you want to reset the password. Go to our web form to reset the password. A reset link will be sent to your recovery mail address. If there is no or an invalid mail address you cannot reset your password.

    1. You can log into your XMPP account with whatever XMPP client is available. Gajim for Windows/Linux for example. Or Conversations on Android.
      The easiest way is our webclient, available here our website.
      I do not know what an OTP code is. If it is something sent to your Jabber account from an external service you registered you also will be able to see that message in any client as described above.

  2. I cannot access the Jabber server. I it keeps asking me for my password. I have tried to reset my password twice tonight and it is still not working.

    1. I can see the password reset requests and also that you resetted the password. A mail with the new password should be in your inbox. As I have checked the procedure successfully after the last upgrade I am pretty sure that it works. If it does not work for you please contact me again.

  3. inline registration in Psi+ provides a captcha url and form field toenter solution

    unfortunately none of the android xmpp clients provide this. Please amend instructions

    1. EN: Web registration does work again, we introduced a new web registration form today. More about this soon in our blog.

      DE: Webregistrierung geht nun wieder, haben heute ein neues Webregistrierungsformular in Betrieb genommen. Mehr dazu demnächst im Blog.

  4. My login stopped working today. I am not sure why. It looks like my password is failing all of a sudden.

  5. I have the same registration problem as miniman. Anybody can help? I got

    Checking password: Password OK

    Unknown error, error code = ‘0’.

    Inband registration with Miranda IM also doesn’t work.

  6. You can create an account with our “Jabber Registration Tool” or within a Jabber client which supports in-band registration, which most do.