XMPP Clients

After you successfully registered your account, you can either use the Web Client or better use a dedicated XMPP client. Here is a list of recommended clients:

Platform Clients Download
Windows Gajim Download
MacOS BeagleIM App Store
Monal App Store
Linux Dino IM Download
  Gajim Download
Android Conversations Play Store
Blabber Play Store
IOS Siskin IM App Store
Monal App Store

There are lots and lots of other XMPP Clients on all platforms. Some may be outdated or not supporting all features for todays needs such as OMEMO. The above list is a result of common recommendations.

Client list was taken here, thank you! :-)

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a free alternative on android is snikket, basically a rebranded version of conversations. Not updated as frequently but at least a way to motivate people for XMPP without starting hurdles.

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