The Hot-Chilli team is committed to the privacy and security of your data on our server. This includes all Internet services provided by us, including this website and the Jabber services.


Generally we do not and do not want to gather or store information about you, log your conversations, or engage in any other behavior that would compromise your privacy and security in any way. However, certain services provided by us, especially the Jabber services, need to store information so that the services can by used by you, e.g. we need to store passwords so that you can logon to our services. We do not automatically gather any personal information like your name or address about you. The only exceptions are information that you may voluntarily submit.


Jabber Passwords are stored as hashed SCRAM-SHA-1 and in plain text for all Jabber transport services. We do not like saving the transport passwords in plain text as well as you most likely won’t like it, but it simply has technical reasons. We take your privacy seriously, so we never will use this information in any form. Anyway, it is a good security practice to always use a unique password for each service or website that you access, and we strongly encourage you to use a unique password at of our services as well.

Private Messages

Private messages are instant messages that you send to people in your XMPP contact list (roster). If your messages are sent through other services then it is possible that those services can log your messages, and we do not have control over those services. However, your private messages are never intentionally logged here on our server. If you are not online when someone sends you a message, the message is stored on our server for delivery when you log in again. This so called offline message storage is not encrypted. After the delivery the offline messages are automaticly deleted on our server.


We do not have logging active for the chatrooms on the Hot-Chilli Jabber server, exept our support room.

IP addresses

The Hot-Chilli Jabber services do not log information about your IP address. However, we reserve the right to block specific IP addresses as well as whole IP address ranges that threated or may thread our services and to keep a list of such offending IP addresses. This list of blacklisted IPs will not be made public.


In order to prevent service interruptions, we back up data related to our services. These backups include system backups, configuration files and databases.

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    1. What do you mean? You just use it with the web client or a client on your computer, phone or tablet of your choice. Like Pidgin or IM+.

    1. You want to check the certificate presented by our Jabber server with some public certificate or fingerprint downloadable on this website, for example? If yes, it isn’t on our website, yet. But I can put it there if you like.