Facebook changed JIDs

It looks like Facebook changed their JIDs from to For our Facebook Transport users this means that you might see all Facebook contacts again in your roster, maybe twice, old and new. Sorry for the trouble, but lucky for us this is a Facebook issue.

Old transport contact on

New transport contact on

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Hi, anyone knows how to check real user name from facebook JID (ex. -1000000187617\ THX!

Jobarr, you can add me to your Google Talk roster. If you don’t like to, no problem, but at least I need something to check logs and databases here. So a JID would be nice. ;-) You can also send it via email to

The server was unavailable from time to time last evening and this morning, see blog posts. Maybe you tried in that time window and there had the problems you describe.

Yes I tried registering and unregistering several times. But then stopped responding and I had to leave. I tried again this morning with j2j, but for some reason the contacts didn’t get added to my roster (even though psi said that the server wanted to add them and I said “yes”). I do not have a local account, I am just using the transports with Google Talk. However, I can register one when I do some more testing if you like. Thanks for the help.

Sounds strange. Did you unregister and register again?

What is your JID please? I cannot lookup anything in our databases. ;-)

And please add me to your roster, this would make testing a lot easier. My JID again is:

I tried it quickly last night and MSN and Facebook (j2j) seemed to cause Google not to show ANY of my contacts as online on my phone or through the Gmail website. Very strange. I will try it out again later this week if I have time. I’m at work behind a firewall so I can’t connect to the right ports to add transports here. ;)

Jobarr, JID escaping should be working now. :-)

I would like you to unregister and reregister your transport to test it. With reregistering the contacts of the foreign network (MSN for example) will get added again in the new way. But you might have to delete the old contacts from your roster.

The best way to communicate and test would be if you add me to your roster:

We will see how this works out with the Spectrum transports. The developers are quite interested in implementing something. If the feature gets implemented I let you know to do some tests.

I don’t know any servers who use the standard – as most servers either use PyXXXt or Spectrum transports. Both use % for escaping @ characters.

Thanks a lot for looking into this. I really appreciate it. :)

I have no idea if this is supported, but I would be more than willing to carry out any tests you can think of. Know of any servers that use this standard?

Hello and thank you for your comment.

I brought this issue to the Spectrum transport developers. It could be that Spectrum will support JID escaping both ways: with % (as many transport services like PyXXXt do) and the standard \40. Read here for more:

What I would like to know: Is Google Talk for Android capable of the standard, which means \40, for JID escaping “@” characters?

Hello! Thanks a lot for the service. Would it be possible for you to configure your server to use any other character than % in the JIDs (such as {at}, which is what does)? This symbol causes Google Talk for Android to crash which means I cannot use any of your transports for services where there @ is replaced by a %. :(

See this link for more information:

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