Hot-Chilli Matrix server

If anyone is looking for a Matrix server besides or, please visit us at (Element Web at As with the Jabber/XMPP server, use is free.

The Matrix server has been running for some time, but the website is still empty. We will merge it with this website and provide information about both our Jabber/XMPP server and the Matrix server on the new merged website.

Features Website

Converse.js finally works here

We did a lot of digging into the issues that the browser windows froze when logging into our web client, which is based on Converse.js. Now it seems to work and we run the trunk version as it is not released, yet. Many thanks go out to JC of Converse.js who took the time and fix the bugs.

Our web client is reachable through the website (if you do not use a mobile devices – there it is not shown) or through this direct link:
If you want to try WebSocket instead of BOSH, please use this link:
(We might change this in the future, as WebSocket is more preferred as BOSH. If we do, we will drop an information here in the blog.)

So, if you stumble upon any problems, please let us know! :-)


Quick Note – EU Commission & Chat Control

On March 30, the EU Commission plans to introduce a package of laws against child abuse that could result in the standard search of all files on the smartphones of all citizens. Civil rights organizations oppose these plans…

Article (in German) on
Article (in German) on


Support for 2022

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and also a Happy New Year, especially our users. We will continue to operate the server for you in the next year as well.

Unfortunately, the support for server operations has decreased significantly recently. We run the server as a non-commercial project, but of course we had always hoped that a well-run server would be able to cover costs at some point.

We are therefore very happy about a small donation, one-off or with a regular small amount (“one coffee a month”). Here you will find all the donation options, from crypto currencies to Paypal and IBAN bank transfer.

If you can’t give anything financially, that’s okay! Everyone else please think about the fact that a free service still incurs costs and that even the smallest donation can help.

PS: Thanks to all supporters who already support the server!

Downtimes Maintenance

Optimizations due to server outages

We did some optimizations in the last few days and also deleted some spammers. It looks like we were successful. The server has no more outages. Hope it stays that way. :-)

Features Problems


We changed our HTTP File Upload backend to prosody-filer yesterday. Siskin users can upload files now, too.

Features Security

Tor Hidden Service now as v3

We just launched a v3 Tor Hidden Service for the Jabber/XMPP server under the nice address of: chillingguw3yu2rmrkqsog4554egiry6fmy264l5wblyadds3c2lnyd.onion
As the v2 Tor Hidden Service is deprecated and will not work anymore from October 2021 please update your connection settings to the new Tor address. We will keep the old v2 address online for a while, but no later than October this year it will be shut down.


Outage due to attack

Today the Jabber/XMPP services were offline for some hours because of an attack on our server. Sorry for the inconvenience.