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Converse.js finally works here

We did a lot of digging into the issues that the browser windows froze when logging into our web client, which is based on Converse.js. Now it seems to work and we run the trunk version as it is not released, yet. Many thanks go out to JC of Converse.js who took the time and fix the bugs.

Our web client is reachable through the website (if you do not use a mobile devices – there it is not shown) or through this direct link:
If you want to try WebSocket instead of BOSH, please use this link:
(We might change this in the future, as WebSocket is more preferred as BOSH. If we do, we will drop an information here in the blog.)

So, if you stumble upon any problems, please let us know! :-)

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Migration of all Jabber services to a brand new server

This will affect Jabber itself and all transport services, and also this website. And it will take place during the next 24 to 48 hours. Please be patient and expect some service outages. We changed the TTL of our DNS zones to 1 minute but nevertheless it could be that your client still looks for the old server. You might need to relogin to the Internet and/or restart your client.

We will be back here when everything is moved. Until then you also can reach us on Twitter, where a link to this post will also be posted.

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New and secure website online

A few day ago we activated a new theme on our website. Also we switched from http to https. The benefits are that we do not get spam comments so much anymore with the features of the new WordPress theme. Also if you use our (now completly working) online account management tools (register, change password, remove, transport pre-registration) and online clients (JWChat and Jappix) you will not have to send any data unencrypted over the internet.

We love to read what you think about the changes. ;-)


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