Features Migration

Yesterday we took over the domain and the XMPP/Jabber users running on it. The service would have been discontinued at the end of the month and as we think that a takeover is much more in the interest of users, we agreed to the old operator’s proposal. The import of the user accounts and user data took many hours, but everything should be running again by this morning at the latest.

If you don’t want to continue using your user account on our server, you can delete it yourself here. It is also worth taking a look at our XMPP/Jabber privacy policy. There we also explain what data is stored and for how long. The best way to get support is through our MUC support channel.

We noticed that there are currently many requests with invalid encryption on port 5223. With us, port 5223 (in contrast to the old server) is only used for Direct TLS (f.k.a. SSL) and not STARTTLS. Please adjust the connection settings in the clients accordingly! Information about our server can be found here.

Further questions? Gladly in the MUC support channel or here under the post as a comment.

Features Website

Converse.js finally works here

We did a lot of digging into the issues that the browser windows froze when logging into our web client, which is based on Converse.js. Now it seems to work and we run the trunk version as it is not released, yet. Many thanks go out to JC of Converse.js who took the time and fix the bugs.

Our web client is reachable through the website (if you do not use a mobile devices – there it is not shown) or through this direct link:
If you want to try WebSocket instead of BOSH, please use this link:
(We might change this in the future, as WebSocket is more preferred as BOSH. If we do, we will drop an information here in the blog.)

So, if you stumble upon any problems, please let us know! :-)


New public domain:

We just added another public domain to our XMPP/Jabber server:

For the future we plan to use this domain as the main domain for both the XMPP/Jabber server and the associated website. For the moment, however, everything remains the same.

Features Problems


We changed our HTTP File Upload backend to prosody-filer yesterday. Siskin users can upload files now, too.

Features Security

Tor Hidden Service now as v3

We just launched a v3 Tor Hidden Service for the Jabber/XMPP server under the nice address of: chillingguw3yu2rmrkqsog4554egiry6fmy264l5wblyadds3c2lnyd.onion
As the v2 Tor Hidden Service is deprecated and will not work anymore from October 2021 please update your connection settings to the new Tor address. We will keep the old v2 address online for a while, but no later than October this year it will be shut down.


New HTTP Upload storage limits

We changed the HTTP Upload storage limits some weeks ago:

  • 512MB per file, 1GB overall
Features Transports

Lots of new transport services

There was a lot of work lately on our transports. We sent some transports into retirement, some of those transports were not working as the native network was not existing anymore, like AIM and ICQ. And we got a lot of new transports like Telegram, Instagram and Discord. Check out the complete list here. Most transports run on Spectrum 2, but there is also Biboumi for one of our IRC transports and whatsxmpp for WhatsApp.

We know that some transports don’t work or have issues. Please report these issues either directly to the maintainers or into our Support MUC. We are working with the maintainers a lot at the moment and were able to fix a lot of bugs and also did implement new features. And we want to keep this going.


Jitsi Meet

Everyone is talking about Jitsi Meet. Probably mainly because you cannot meet at the moment and are looking for alternative options. One of them is Jitsi Meet.

We have created our own Jitsi Meet instance at for you! You can easily use it in a browser or via Android app or iOS app for free video conferences. Some of the features are:

  • Sharing of desktop, applications, presentations
  • Invite users via a simple custom URL
  • Conference rooms can be secured with a password
  • Conferences can be recorded
  • Exchange messages in integrated chat
  • 100% open source
  • fully encrypted

Furthermore you can easily use your Jabber/XMPP account, a webcam and a suitable client, for example Jitsi Desktop, to secure video chat with your friends. We have provided a STUN/TURN server on (port 3478). This must be set in the settings of the client.