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Facebook & second XMPP transport

Sorry for posting just now. Facebook transport was blocked for Facebook use only on the day we posted about it, which means October 6th. We did not delete the old contacts for local users, as the user should get unsubscribe messages as all other users. If you still have old users in your roster, please delete these entries manually.

The second XMPP transport is online since since October 6th as promised.

Second XMPP transport and Facebook transport for Facebook use only

As mentioned here we finally have the feature which allows us to limit our Facebook transport for Facebook use only. We will delete all non Facebook accounts from the Facebook transport later today. You will be able to recreate these accounts on our second and new XMPP transport called xmpp.jabber.hot-chilli.net. We created this second XMPP transport because we noticed that more than one XMPP transport seems to be important for many people.

If you used Facebook transport for general XMPP usage and are a local hot-chilli Jabber user we delete all old contacts containing @facebook.jabber.hot-chilli.net in your roster for you. If you are a non-local user you might have to do this by yourself – which means that you have to delete all contacts containing @facebook.jabber.hot-chilli.net. When unregistering the accounts Spectrum sends unsubscribe notices to the Jabber servers, local and non-local. But all of you (local and non-local users) have to delete any leftover and obsolete contacts which might be left in your roster and/or the Jabber client.

We will announce when we finished the chances on the server here in the blog.

To activate the second XMPP transport the Jabber server will be restarted at 5:50 CEST today.

Facebook transport for Facebook only

In the next days, weeks or months (it depends when the feature will be ready in Spectrum) we will implement white-/blacklists for our Facebook transport. After this the transport can only be used for Facebook – as it should be used. But as the Facebook transport is a “normal” XMPP transport many people use it for XMPP.

After the setup of white-/blacklists we will delete all non Facebook accounts out of the transport. Maybe we will move the non Facebook accounts to our XMPP/J2J transport, we’ll see.

So if you use our Facebook transport not for Facebook, please move to our XMPP/J2J transport.

BTW: Is there any need for a second XMPP transport as many of our users connect to more than one foreign XMPP account?

Server Specs

The Hot-Chilli Instant Messaging service is a node on the open Jabber network, based on XMPP, the open standard for instant messaging. The IM service is registered on the xmpp.org website and thus fulfills the requirements to be listed.

The usage of our IM services is completely free of charge (exept if you like to run your own domains on our server).

Server hardware and server location

  • Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2 x 4 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm HDDs (Software-RAID 1)
  • 1 Gbit Internet connection
  • Debian amd64

Location: Germany
Latitude/longitude: 49.09 N, 12.48 E


The following public XMPP domains are hosted here:

  • jabber.hot-chilli.net
    (all transports and services which we offer run on this domain)
    SSL Fingerprint: 21:1D:6B:FF:22:A8:EB:51:3E:79:6F:07:26:18:97:73:AA:0F:7E:C5
  • jabber.hot-chilli.eu
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: 5F:B2:75:41:86:42:21:35:45:90:53:AB:5C:62:84:8D:C5:C3:D6:DE
  • hot-chilli.net
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: 0E:B3:FF:B1:A2:EA:9B:6C:C1:7A:0F:61:D5:13:63:F0:F0:1A:AD:00
  • hot-chilli.eu
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: D4:31:2F:B4:B9:72:1B:9A:C3:63:AF:61:23:1E:4B:A1:AB:1B:C1:60
  • im.hot-chilli.net
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: 35:DB:04:1D:D1:19:FB:EC:C6:E7:11:8B:58:C1:65:6B:9B:8B:D1:33
  • im.hot-chilli.eu
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: A9:92:47:22:4B:4A:61:2D:5B:CB:2D:CE:A7:CC:02:C0:14:57:7C:69
  • jabb3r.de
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: 33:45:E0:47:8A:85:EB:E1:DB:58:D8:72:0C:E7:0F:44:FA:6D:27:8C
  • jabb3r.org
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: 43:74:F1:05:F1:AA:B7:0A:88:E3:63:A2:93:C8:74:01:ED:5A:23:2F
  • jabber-hosting.de
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: A3:4F:F8:D4:85:4F:96:87:D0:E7:7A:A2:2B:01:8C:B0:FB:E7:92:FB
  • xmpp-hosting.de
    (full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net)
    SSL Fingerprint: 47:F3:B3:5C:15:30:D1:7D:EA:96:44:21:5C:53:7C:9C:55:EB:A2:40

Own Jabber domains

You can host your own domain (with admin access and full access to the transports and services of jabber.hot-chilli.net) on our Jabber server. This is even possible without moving your domain from your current provider to us, you just need to setup three DNS entries to point Jabber services for your domain to our server. See here for more information.


“normal” client connections (STARTTLS/TLS)

  • jabber.hot-chilli.net:5222 (IPv4 and IPv6 connections)
  • server.jabber.hot-chilli.net:80 (for users behind restrictive firewalls, IPv4 connections only)
  • c2aaokzwkwkct543.onion:5222 (connections via Tor)

SSL client connections

  • jabber.hot-chilli.net:5223 (IPv4 and IPv6 connections)
  • server.jabber.hot-chilli.net:443 (for users behind restrictive firewalls, IPv4 connections only)
  • c2aaokzwkwkct543.onion:5223 (connections via Tor)

BOSH connections

  • https://jabber.hot-chilli.net/http-bind (IPv4 and IPv6 connections)
  • https://jabber.hot-chilli.net:5281/http-bind (IPv4 and IPv6 connections)

WebSocket connections

  • wss://jabber.hot-chilli.net:443/xmpp-websocket (IPv4 and IPv6 connections)
  • wss://jabber.hot-chilli.net:5281/xmpp-websocket (IPv4 and IPv6 connections)

Proxy65 (File Transfer Proxy)

  • proxy.jabber.hot-chilli.net:7777


  • stun.hot-chilli.net

Transports, Gateways and Features

  • AIM Transport
  • Gadu-Gadu Transport
  • ICQ Transport
  • MUC (Multi-User Chat)
  • Proxy65 (File Transfer Proxy)
  • Pubsub / PEP (Publish-Subscribe / Personal Eventing via Pubsub)
  • SIPE Transport
  • Web Presence
  • XMPP Transport (Jabber-to-Jabber, J2J)
  • Yahoo! Transport

Transports migrated to Spectrum

ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and J2J (XMPP) transports were migrated to Spectrum transports yesterday evening and night.

After accidentally stumbled upon Spectrum (thanks to Flo!) I started the migration right away. The old PyXXXt transports were a huge pain long enough (PyMSNt for example created 800GB of traffic each month, alltogether the PyXXXt transports used 90% CPU when running a certain amount of time – which is the reason why we restart the Jabber related services every night) so I was very happy to see a young and well looked after project which really works a lot better. I’m quite enthusiastic at the moment. ;-)

All users and settings were migrated without problems, so maybe you haven’t even noticed that something has changed on the server.

The Gadu-Gadu (GG) Transport will also migrated to Spectrum, but I haven’t managed the migration of the user data yet.

ICQ Transport users please note, that charset was set to ISO-8859-15 – which should be a good choice for European users (German umlauts, other special characters etc). If you experience problems, please change the charset (to utf8 for example) of your ICQ Transport account by clicking on “Register” in the context menu of icq.jabber.hot-chilli.net. You can find this in the Jabber service discovery.

AIM Transport users please note, that the new AIM transport service seems to be a little unstable right now and has to be restarted from time to time. I will take a closer look in the next days.

J2J (XMPP) Transport users please note, that it was not possible to migrate the remote roster data to the new transport service. But as I noticed the remote roster is downloaded during the first connect.

Until now I cannot say if the nightly restart of the Jabber services at 3am CET/CEST is still necessary. The next days or weeks will tell. Stay tuned.

If you should experience problems with the new transport services please contact us in support@conference.jabber.hot-chilli.net.