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Migration to Prosody and Spectrum 2

Mainly because of performance issues we will migrate the server from ejabberd to Prosody in the next days or weeks. Also the Spectrum 1 transports will be migrated to Spectrum 2. To create the less disturbance possible we migrate everything to a new server machine.

Anyway there will be downtimes, because sometime we have to migrate the user data and switch the DNS records.

As you can imagine some things will change in the future, which is perfectly normal when using a complete different software. We will try to keep as many feature we offer today plus adding the benefits and features of the new software to the server.

We will keep you posted, this was just intended to be a first basic information.

Ideas, suggestions, questions? Write us! :-)

4 replies on “Migration to Prosody and Spectrum 2”

I’m in the middle of setting up ejabberd/spectrum 2 currently, and am now wondering if Prosody might be the better choice. How many users did you have on your ejabberd server before you started noticing performance issues?

We had about 100-300 concurrent users on ejabberd. Plus a lot of transport users, where I cannot name the number. ejabberd and Spectrum just took every resource they could get from the system and left nothing. With Prosody this is a lot better – although we are experiencing problems with the load, too. Not general stuff but bugs. The difference to ejabberd is: Prosody has a very very motivated developer team and we fixed a lot of stuff already. I am pretty confident that the server now runs better than before.

Yes, single server. No, clustering was not an option as this is a community project and we have to pay for every server. Also it does not make much sense to me in adding hardware to maybe badly programmed server software instead looking for alternative programs. ;)

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