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Captcha activated for account registration

One of the main reasons we were really looking forward for ejabberd 2.1.6 is the support of captcha for mod_register. This module handles in-band registration, which means the interface where users can register through their client. This interface is also abused by spammers. We hope that the use of captchas will prevent most spam registrations.

If you client does not support captcha you well see a url where you can see the captcha in your browser window.

2 replies on “Captcha activated for account registration”

You can log into your XMPP account with whatever XMPP client is available. Gajim for Windows/Linux for example. Or Conversations on Android.
The easiest way is our webclient, available here our website.
I do not know what an OTP code is. If it is something sent to your Jabber account from an external service you registered you also will be able to see that message in any client as described above.

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