Nimbuzz blocked

We just blocked Nimbuzz traffic via our iptables firewall. At the moment this is just a test, but maybe we will block Nimbuzz for good.

The system has way too much CPU and memory usage and is not running stable. We have to do something about it. If it means that we have to block out Nimbuzz as there is no other way, then it is has to be the solution.

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10 thoughts on “Nimbuzz blocked”

  1. dear sir
    pls can you tell me how i can open nimbuzz in Muscat becouse nimbuzz blocked in muscat
    i am waiting fro your answer

    1. As we blocked Nimbuzz out of our server completly and I never used Nimbuzz directly I cannot tell you how you can use Nimbuzz at your location. Good luck! :-)