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Nimbuzz blocked

We just blocked Nimbuzz traffic via our iptables firewall. At the moment this is just a test, but maybe we will block Nimbuzz for good.

The system has way too much CPU and memory usage and is not running stable. We have to do something about it. If it means that we have to block out Nimbuzz as there is no other way, then it is has to be the solution.

DoS attack again…

Again we suffered a DoS attack. The Jabber services and website were down from ~10:45pm to 00:30am.

For sure we have to do something about this. We are already digging into this, also recieving feedback from other Jabber server admins. Maybe abusive Nimbuzz accounts are the reason and, if this turns out to be true, we are also thinking about firewalling Nimbuzz.

What would you think about blocking Nimbuzz? Are you having friends from Nimbuzz in your roster? Tell us your opinion.