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Service outage due to third hard disk failure since summer

Due to the third hard disk failure since summer all Jabber services and this website will be down for some time starting today at 10:00pm CET. Sorry guys, but the hard disk needs to be replaced. But for events like this the server runs a RAID1 array.

/EDIT 7:18pm: Our server provider needs more tests, so the 10pm date is cancelled. We will announce the service outage in a new blog article when clear.

First status information after migration

Ok, the main virtual host and all private virtual hosts moved to the new server today. Also the website and the transport data.

“Transport data” because the transports itself do not run, yet. We need some help from Spectrum maintainers – maybe there is something basicly wrong with the new config files or Spectrum 2 is still too buggy. We will see. Until then please stay tuned and be patient – we do not want to have the transports offline for a long time, but it can take some days.

Also Prosody is having some issues on which we are working hard, especially the maintainer of Prosody, MattJ. Our server is having a lot of load, also “crazy” users 😉 and a Debian system which seems to create more problems with Prosody than other Linux distributions. So if the Jabber server itself is offline from time to time in the next days, we are working on it.