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Prosody 0.9 with IPv6 and Web Admin

We upgraded the Jabber server from Prosody 0.8 to 0.9 today! This brings a lot of new features, I just want to name IPv6 support and a Web Admin interface for our Jabber hosting customers. :-)

After migrating from ejabberd to Prosody we had to dump IPv6, which is now coming back. We are very happy about that and cannot wait how statistics will change after we support it again. ;-)

Also we installed several new modules with some new features.

A big thank you to Matt, the chief maintainer of Prosody! :-) The server upgrade only took about 20 minutes until the server was up and running again. Without him this would not have been possible. We run some special configs which had to be taken care of.

Downtimes Problems

6 hour downtime…

The Jabber server was just recovering from a 6 hour downtime on 9am CEST.

Sorry guys, there was a mistake in the config file due to adding a new Jabber domain to it.

We deeply apologize for the trouble caused.


Virtual Jabber domain hosting

The switch to MySQL was used to test virtual hosts on the Jabber server which works really great.

Next to the primary domain this domain was added for public use:


Some time later two extra domains for public use were added:


We also offer Jabber hosting for private domains.