Downtimes Features Maintenance

Prosody 0.9 with IPv6 and Web Admin

We upgraded the Jabber server from Prosody 0.8 to 0.9 today! This brings a lot of new features, I just want to name IPv6 support and a Web Admin interface for our Jabber hosting customers. :-)

After migrating from ejabberd to Prosody we had to dump IPv6, which is now coming back. We are very happy about that and cannot wait how statistics will change after we support it again. ;-)

Also we installed several new modules with some new features.

A big thank you to Matt, the chief maintainer of Prosody! :-) The server upgrade only took about 20 minutes until the server was up and running again. Without him this would not have been possible. We run some special configs which had to be taken care of.

Maintenance Transports

Migration to Prosody and Spectrum 2

Mainly because of performance issues we will migrate the server from ejabberd to Prosody in the next days or weeks. Also the Spectrum 1 transports will be migrated to Spectrum 2. To create the less disturbance possible we migrate everything to a new server machine.

Anyway there will be downtimes, because sometime we have to migrate the user data and switch the DNS records.

As you can imagine some things will change in the future, which is perfectly normal when using a complete different software. We will try to keep as many feature we offer today plus adding the benefits and features of the new software to the server.

We will keep you posted, this was just intended to be a first basic information.

Ideas, suggestions, questions? Write us! :-)


Certificate valid again

We updated the certificate yesterday. Now it is valid again until January 2014.

Downtimes Maintenance Security

Upgrade to ejabberd 2.1.10

We just upgraded ejabberd to 2.1.10. Therefore the service was down for some minutes. Everything should be up and running again.


Purge of inactive users

The deletion of inactive users from the Jabber server and all Spectrum based transports will take today or tomorrow.

We will delete all users who did not login one year or longer. Also we will delete all users who did not login after the creation of their accounts. This could also affect users who did register less than a year ago. So if you registered and did not login since then you have to reregister again.

Again, we have an exclude list. If you want to have your account on the exclude list, contact us and tell us why.


Inactive users statistics

To show why we will clear up the databases here some statistics:

We just picked out the big players on our server for this blog article.

The first number are total users, the second number are the users, who did not login within the last 365 days.

  • 20130 / 11480 (4116 of these users never logged in)
  • 1379 / 875
  • 1729 / 46
  • 4051 / 1930
  • 12903 / 10317
  • 9652 / 3330
  • 4548 / 2097

The only service with mostly active users seems to be the Facebook Transport.


Clearing up inactive users

In the next days we will implement script to delete inactive users from our databases (Jabber server and Transport services). Most users in our databases are inactive so we want to get rid of them. This reduces the overhead and leads to better usage statistics. Also it is freeing up usernames which can be registered again by new users.

There will be an exclude list. If you think your username should be on the exclude list, please get in touch with us and tell us why. ;-)

As soon as the deletion jobs are ready to run the first time we will announce this about a day in advance.

Downtimes Maintenance Security

Upgrade to ejabberd 2.1.6

Finally the Debian package for ejabberd 2.1.6 is available. Therefore we will perform an upgrade to ejabberd 2.1.6 in the next minutes. There will be a short service outage.