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IRC transport migrated to Spectrum

We just migrated IRC transport to Spectrum. Before it was a core feature of ejabberd, the software we use for the Jabber server itself. Spectrum has more features, so we switched.

If you experience any problems please let us know.


Spectrum transports “ghost” contacts issue is fixed

The thing with contacts appearing to be online after a Spectrum transport crashed (mentioned here) got fixed on May 23rd.

Problems Transports

ICQ Transport stable again

We had stability problems with ICQ Transport starting yesterday morning. This was caused by a certain version of libpurple. Issues should be fixed now.

Please note that with Spectrum transports crashes (not “normal” stops or restarts) it might happen that your client thinks it’s still online. Therefore some contacts appear online even if the client is not really logged into the transport at the moment. Spectrum developers are working on this issue. Until then I just hope that the Spectrum transports run stable. ;-)

With the new libpurple Gadu-Gadu transport should finally be stable, too. We’ll see how this works out in the near feature.


Facebook changed JIDs

It looks like Facebook changed their JIDs from to For our Facebook Transport users this means that you might see all Facebook contacts again in your roster, maybe twice, old and new. Sorry for the trouble, but lucky for us this is a Facebook issue.

Old transport contact on

New transport contact on

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Group chat via XMPP Transport

You can join group chats via our XMPP (J2J) Transport now.

To enter chatroom@jabberserver.tld please with the JID you use with our XMPP Transport join the following chat room:

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Twitter Transport working

The Twitter Transport was activated some days ago and since yesterday it is working as it should.

If you like to use it, just register with your Twitter username and password. Your Twitter contacts will appear in your roster. Authorize them.

To write a direct message (DM, the tweets with @username:), open the chat window of the Twitter contact and write the message (without @username:).

To write a normal message and to see what your Twitter contacts are writing, join your Twitter group chat at

You cannot add new contacts to Twitter via the transport service. Please use Twitter instead.

Messages with more than 140 characters (the Twitter limit) will be split and sent in several pieces.

Maintenance Problems Transports

Jabber Disk, SMS Gateway and JMC moved

Finally, Jabber Disk, SMS Gateway and JMC moved to the new server. Jabber Disk and the SMS Gateway are up and running.

Unfortunally JMC still runs very unstable. Please be patient, I’m in contact with the programmer and it looks like he is willing to put some time into the code. We’ll see how this will work out. I hope that we can achieve some improvement because it seems that this feature is a well seen and used feature.

Downtimes Maintenance Problems Transports

Server move almost finished

Ok, the server move is almost finished. JMC, jDisk and SMS have still to be moved, that’s gonna happen later the day… ;-)

If you experience any other problems, please contact us!