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ICQ Transport stable again

We had stability problems with ICQ Transport starting yesterday morning. This was caused by a certain version of libpurple. Issues should be fixed now.

Please note that with Spectrum transports crashes (not “normal” stops or restarts) it might happen that your client thinks it’s still online. Therefore some contacts appear online even if the client is not really logged into the transport at the moment. Spectrum developers are working on this issue. Until then I just hope that the Spectrum transports run stable. ;-)

With the new libpurple Gadu-Gadu transport should finally be stable, too. We’ll see how this works out in the near feature.

Problem with Jabber database

Unfortunally there was a major problem with the database for all accounts of the domain (not accounts from other domains, like

Finally we decided to restore a backup from 4th/5th of May 2010 (day of the server move) and had to take the Jabber server down for about 2 hours.

Affected are just the contact lists and contact groups. This means that as an affected user of this you have to add/delete all buddies you changed since then.

We really apologize for the trouble caused, especially because the backup is one week old.

The question remains why we just got 20 rows of data inside our current database backup from this morning, missing 150000 (!) other rows. We will take a deep look into the backup process.

Jabber Disk, SMS Gateway and JMC moved

Finally, Jabber Disk, SMS Gateway and JMC moved to the new server. Jabber Disk and the SMS Gateway are up and running.

Unfortunally JMC still runs very unstable. Please be patient, I’m in contact with the programmer and it looks like he is willing to put some time into the code. We’ll see how this will work out. I hope that we can achieve some improvement because it seems that this feature is a well seen and used feature.

Network problems for hours

Our provider experienced network problems starting yesterday (05/06/2010) at 2pm CEST. The outages covered a lot of ISPs. T-Online and Alice worked here in Germany, a lot of others like KabelBW and Strato did not work. These severe problems went away at about 6pm, but we still experienced some problems until this morning. According to our server provider the problems are gone now. The problems were cause by a external attack with more than 50 gbits.