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Pre-registration for transports

Due to heavy bot and spam we just activated a pre-registration for most of our transport services. Thank you very much to Zash for this quick-n-dirty and well-working Prosody module.

From now on you have to make a pre-registration on this website before you can register to one of our transports by using your Jabber client. This pre-registration record is valid for 10 minutes, after that you would have to use our web form again.

Next to closing in-band registration for Jabber accounts this really seems to be necessary. Sorry about that…

First status information after migration

Ok, the main virtual host and all private virtual hosts moved to the new server today. Also the website and the transport data.

“Transport data” because the transports itself do not run, yet. We need some help from Spectrum maintainers – maybe there is something basicly wrong with the new config files or Spectrum 2 is still too buggy. We will see. Until then please stay tuned and be patient – we do not want to have the transports offline for a long time, but it can take some days.

Also Prosody is having some issues on which we are working hard, especially the maintainer of Prosody, MattJ. Our server is having a lot of load, also “crazy” users ;-) and a Debian system which seems to create more problems with Prosody than other Linux distributions. So if the Jabber server itself is offline from time to time in the next days, we are working on it.

Migration to Prosody and Spectrum 2

Mainly because of performance issues we will migrate the server from ejabberd to Prosody in the next days or weeks. Also the Spectrum 1 transports will be migrated to Spectrum 2. To create the less disturbance possible we migrate everything to a new server machine.

Anyway there will be downtimes, because sometime we have to migrate the user data and switch the DNS records.

As you can imagine some things will change in the future, which is perfectly normal when using a complete different software. We will try to keep as many feature we offer today plus adding the benefits and features of the new software to the server.

We will keep you posted, this was just intended to be a first basic information.

Ideas, suggestions, questions? Write us! :-)

Purge of inactive users

The deletion of inactive users from the Jabber server and all Spectrum based transports will take today or tomorrow.

We will delete all users who did not login one year or longer. Also we will delete all users who did not login after the creation of their accounts. This could also affect users who did register less than a year ago. So if you registered and did not login since then you have to reregister again.

Again, we have an exclude list. If you want to have your account on the exclude list, contact us and tell us why.

Inactive users statistics

To show why we will clear up the databases here some statistics:

We just picked out the big players on our server for this blog article.

The first number are total users, the second number are the users, who did not login within the last 365 days.

  • 20130 / 11480 (4116 of these users never logged in)
  • 1379 / 875
  • 1729 / 46
  • 4051 / 1930
  • 12903 / 10317
  • 9652 / 3330
  • 4548 / 2097

The only service with mostly active users seems to be the Facebook Transport.