Downtimes Problems

Numerous crashes…

…happened the last days. This occured out of nothing. Same symptomatic like some time ago when the Jabber server thread suddenly took all available resources and killed the server itself.

We digged deep into the problem and hope, we found a solution for it – which we implemented about one hour ago. A short service outage took place because of a restart to activate the setting.

Hopefully we got to the problem.

Features Transports

New transport service:

Since today there is a new transport online:

The JID is

Have fun with it! :-)

Features Transports

Facebook & second XMPP transport

Sorry for posting just now. Facebook transport was blocked for Facebook use only on the day we posted about it, which means October 6th. We did not delete the old contacts for local users, as the user should get unsubscribe messages as all other users. If you still have old users in your roster, please delete these entries manually.

The second XMPP transport is online since since October 6th as promised.

Features Transports

Second XMPP transport and Facebook transport for Facebook use only

As mentioned here we finally have the feature which allows us to limit our Facebook transport for Facebook use only. We will delete all non Facebook accounts from the Facebook transport later today. You will be able to recreate these accounts on our second and new XMPP transport called We created this second XMPP transport because we noticed that more than one XMPP transport seems to be important for many people.

If you used Facebook transport for general XMPP usage and are a local hot-chilli Jabber user we delete all old contacts containing in your roster for you. If you are a non-local user you might have to do this by yourself – which means that you have to delete all contacts containing When unregistering the accounts Spectrum sends unsubscribe notices to the Jabber servers, local and non-local. But all of you (local and non-local users) have to delete any leftover and obsolete contacts which might be left in your roster and/or the Jabber client.

We will announce when we finished the chances on the server here in the blog.

To activate the second XMPP transport the Jabber server will be restarted at 5:50 CEST today.

Downtimes Problems

DoS again?

Are we under attack again? It seems – because the server went down yesterday and today. Sorry for the outage, we are looking into the logs as I write this post. Maybe we can find something…

Downtimes Maintenance

IPv6 reconfiguration

Since our provider now supports native IPv6 (including reverse DNS) we changed our IPv6 configuration and now no longer use an IPv6 Tunnel Broker. Therefore we had two short service outages today to reboot the machine and activate the new settings.

If you are using IPv6 you might have to flush your DNS (or wait up to 24 hours from now) to get the correct IPs back from DNS.

Downtimes Problems

Jabber service outage

There was an outage of our Jabber services the last hours. Unfortunally the hard disk ran completly full because of a faultly backup job.

Everything is back online. Sorry guys!

Features How-to's Transports

Twitter Transport upgraded

With today’s development version of Spectrum the Twitter Transport got upgraded. The package pidgin-twitter is not developed anymore and caused dozens of crashes daily. Spectrum now uses pidgin-microblog instead.

Please delete all old Twitter contacts in your roster, exept (Maybe we will delete the old contacts in the near future for our local users.)

Then please allow Spectrum access to your Twitter account. When first connecting to the new Twitter Transport, you will receive the following message from

Open following url and send the PIN number from the web page back to Spectrum.

Follow these instructions and post the PIN number into the chat window which shows the above message and send it to the transport.

Then approve the authorization request for

This contact will post all tweets from your twitter contacts.

If you want to post a tweet to Twitter, just post it into the the chat window of Please don’t use more than 140 characters. For more information type: