Facebook transport for Facebook only

In the next days, weeks or months (it depends when the feature will be ready in Spectrum) we will implement white-/blacklists for our Facebook transport. After this the transport can only be used for Facebook – as it should be used. But as the Facebook transport is a “normal” XMPP transport many people use it for XMPP.

After the setup of white-/blacklists we will delete all non Facebook accounts out of the transport. Maybe we will move the non Facebook accounts to our XMPP/J2J transport, we’ll see.

So if you use our Facebook transport not for Facebook, please move to our XMPP/J2J transport.

BTW: Is there any need for a second XMPP transport as many of our users connect to more than one foreign XMPP account?

DoS attack again…

Again we suffered a DoS attack. The Jabber services and website were down from ~10:45pm to 00:30am.

For sure we have to do something about this. We are already digging into this, also recieving feedback from other Jabber server admins. Maybe abusive Nimbuzz accounts are the reason and, if this turns out to be true, we are also thinking about firewalling Nimbuzz.

What would you think about blocking Nimbuzz? Are you having friends from Nimbuzz in your roster? Tell us your opinion.

Planned Pubsub/PEP migration to MySQL

We are planning to migrate Pubsub/PEP (Publish-Subscribe / Personal Eventing Protocol) from Mnesia to MySQL in the very near future, which means the next two days.

Unfortunally there is no export/import script, so all data will be lost. It is also impossible to export own data from a client, at least I was told so.

Migration should fix some problems with PEP, also MySQL allows more administration and has less resource overhead.