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Pubsub/PEP migration to MySQL complete

…and it seems to work. Sorry for the 30 minute downtime because of that.


Planned Pubsub/PEP migration to MySQL

We are planning to migrate Pubsub/PEP (Publish-Subscribe / Personal Eventing Protocol) from Mnesia to MySQL in the very near future, which means the next two days.

Unfortunally there is no export/import script, so all data will be lost. It is also impossible to export own data from a client, at least I was told so.

Migration should fix some problems with PEP, also MySQL allows more administration and has less resource overhead.


Moods now also work on secondary domains

We stumbled upon this by accident – moods (or to be precise: everything which Pubsub/PEP offer) did not work on secondary domains.

It works now, it was just a little configuration change. The Pubsub service subdomain (e.g. has to be the same domain as the Jabber service (e.g., not a subdomain of the Jabber server’s primary domain (e.g.