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New SSL certificates

Because there are problems/bugs with ejabberd 13.x connecting to our transports we just replaced the certificate for our main virtual host jabber.hot-chilli.net. This host also does service our transports.

Until then we had used a certificate with the common name *.hot-chilli.net, now we have one with jabber.hot-chilli.net and *.jabber.hot-chilli.net common names which does not lead to the problem.

Some days ago we already replaced the *.hot-chilli.net due to the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug.

Proper certificates for secondary domains

To avoid login errors or messages and also to avoid certain problems with server-to-server connections we installed proper certificates for the secondary domains today.

We had to restart the Jabber services several times, sorry. The ejabberd config file isn’t commented very good, also Google didn’t tell us the correct settings in the first place. But everything works fine now.

PS: For old SSL connections to port 5223 there are no dynamic certificates. This just isn’t possible because of how SSL works.