Purge of inactive users

The deletion of inactive users from the Jabber server and all Spectrum based transports will take today or tomorrow.

We will delete all users who did not login one year or longer. Also we will delete all users who did not login after the creation of their accounts. This could also affect users who did register less than a year ago. So if you registered and did not login since then you have to reregister again.

Again, we have an exclude list. If you want to have your account on the exclude list, contact us and tell us why.


Inactive users statistics

To show why we will clear up the databases here some statistics:

We just picked out the big players on our server for this blog article.

The first number are total users, the second number are the users, who did not login within the last 365 days.

  • 20130 / 11480 (4116 of these users never logged in)
  • 1379 / 875
  • 1729 / 46
  • 4051 / 1930
  • 12903 / 10317
  • 9652 / 3330
  • 4548 / 2097

The only service with mostly active users seems to be the Facebook Transport.


Clearing up inactive users

In the next days we will implement script to delete inactive users from our databases (Jabber server and Transport services). Most users in our databases are inactive so we want to get rid of them. This reduces the overhead and leads to better usage statistics. Also it is freeing up usernames which can be registered again by new users.

There will be an exclude list. If you think your username should be on the exclude list, please get in touch with us and tell us why. ;-)

As soon as the deletion jobs are ready to run the first time we will announce this about a day in advance.


Nimbuzz blocked

We just blocked Nimbuzz traffic via our iptables firewall. At the moment this is just a test, but maybe we will block Nimbuzz for good.

The system has way too much CPU and memory usage and is not running stable. We have to do something about it. If it means that we have to block out Nimbuzz as there is no other way, then it is has to be the solution.

Downtimes Problems

Server flatlined third day in a row

At the moment we don’t have any idea why. As I am in Italy right now I will investigate this after my return home in the middle of the week. Please stay tuned.

Is anybody aware of any current exploits for ejabberd?


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Do you want to contribute?

Do you want to contribute with content or content translation?

Unfortunally we don’t have as much time as we wish to have and also we don’t speak all the languages in which we want to offer this website. We are happy about any help you can offer us. ;-)

Features Security

Captcha activated for account registration

One of the main reasons we were really looking forward for ejabberd 2.1.6 is the support of captcha for mod_register. This module handles in-band registration, which means the interface where users can register through their client. This interface is also abused by spammers. We hope that the use of captchas will prevent most spam registrations.

If you client does not support captcha you well see a url where you can see the captcha in your browser window.