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Pubsub/PEP migration to MySQL complete

…and it seems to work. Sorry for the 30 minute downtime because of that.


Planned Pubsub/PEP migration to MySQL

We are planning to migrate Pubsub/PEP (Publish-Subscribe / Personal Eventing Protocol) from Mnesia to MySQL in the very near future, which means the next two days.

Unfortunally there is no export/import script, so all data will be lost. It is also impossible to export own data from a client, at least I was told so.

Migration should fix some problems with PEP, also MySQL allows more administration and has less resource overhead.

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Server offline due to maintenance work this morning

The server was offline this morning because of Kernel and MySQL upgrade. It would have happened faster if the server rebooted cleanly after “shutdown -r now” which it didn’t. So we had to send someone there to reset the machine manually.

We also upgraded Spectrum to support JID escaping. If this works after our tests (there seem to be some problems with clients who don’t support the unofficial % character which is used for @) I write more about this here.

Downtimes Features Maintenance

Proper certificates for secondary domains

To avoid login errors or messages and also to avoid certain problems with server-to-server connections we installed proper certificates for the secondary domains today.

We had to restart the Jabber services several times, sorry. The ejabberd config file isn’t commented very good, also Google didn’t tell us the correct settings in the first place. But everything works fine now.

PS: For old SSL connections to port 5223 there are no dynamic certificates. This just isn’t possible because of how SSL works.

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Upgrade to ejabberd 2.1.3

At 2pm CEST today I just upgraded the server to ejabberd 2.1.3, which is a bugfixing release. Finally the Debian package is available. Sorry for the less than one minute short service downtime. ;-)

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Jabber Disk, SMS Gateway and JMC moved

Finally, Jabber Disk, SMS Gateway and JMC moved to the new server. Jabber Disk and the SMS Gateway are up and running.

Unfortunally JMC still runs very unstable. Please be patient, I’m in contact with the programmer and it looks like he is willing to put some time into the code. We’ll see how this will work out. I hope that we can achieve some improvement because it seems that this feature is a well seen and used feature.

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Server move almost finished

Ok, the server move is almost finished. JMC, jDisk and SMS have still to be moved, that’s gonna happen later the day… ;-)

If you experience any other problems, please contact us!

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Upcoming Jabber server move

Due to massive hardware problems we will move the Jabber service to a new machine. This will happen soon, maybe already this evening/night. You won’t be able to reach the services for about an hour. The new IP address will be – if your DNS does not update in time. We apologize for the trouble caused.